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It’s The Lib(er)al Way

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/08/18

Yeah, I know removing the “er” from “Liberal” doesn’t spell “Libel” but if you sound it out, it does. And there are quite a large number of Liberals who go straight to the Libel when attacking Conservatives. And so it has always been, if you understand what modern-day Liberalism is and not confuse it with traditional liberalism. And that is another point about modern-day Liberals — the theft of the meanings of words to push their agendae. But that’s another story entirely.

Donald Douglas, a college professor who blogs at American Power, is facing such a villainous hate-filled Liberal Liar. HT The Other McCain‘s Headlines.

Unreal. I know. The allegations are that I’m (1) a child pornographer who (2) requires his students to read his postings. These are breathtaking lies. Carl Salonen submitted not a shred of evidence in support. This is pure, demented libel. But that’s typical for progressives. Carl Salonen and his ally W. James Casper —-who gives the former an outlet to continue threats and football spiking—- are both cowards and liars. I’ll be further documenting and rebutting Carl Salonen’s allegations over the next few days, including a point-by-point refutation the e-mails sent to my college and to Attorney General Kamala Harris. I will also be updating my coverage of Scott Eric Kaufman. He made virtually the same malicious complaints, claiming falsely that I posted pictures of nude woman and pulled those up during classroom lectures, in effect subjecting women to sexual harassment by allegedly “forcing” them to view “inappropriate material.” I’ll have a detailed rebuttal of SEK as well.

(If that’s the SEK I know from Patterico’s Pontifications, that SEK said he was as far to the left of Obama as a person can be.)

But Donald Douglas is not the only person or the first person the large crowd of Leftist Liars have attacked and tried to get fired for voicing a position contrary to Leftist dogma. Patterico has faced the same sort of attacks in his job as an Assistant District Attorney due to Patterico’s positions on his blog site. And of course, there’s the Leftist hysteria about Glenn Beck, the myriad frivolous lawsuits (that got thrown out of court) against Sarah Palin, the myriad Leftist attacks against the TEA Party as supposedly “terrorists”, and the beat goes on.

Liberals don’t always lie to try to get Conservatives falsely imprisoned or fired under false pretense or bankrupt. Most of the time, the Liberal Lies are to prevent an unaware public from knowing the truth and to unjustly sway the vote to the Left. Such as the failed campaign to elect Kloppenburg to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

And then there are the repeated Liberal refrains that Conservatives want to kill grandma or starve the poor or whatever else is on the Left’s mind to lie about. Perry Hood, creator of the hilariously named “Bridging the Gap”, runs through all sorts of lies about Conservatives, such as Perry Hood’s claim that Conservatives hate Obama because Obama is black and Conservatives are raaaaacist. (Never mind that Obama is less than half black and my grandson is less than half white (you do the math).) Examining my sidebars will show how ridiculous that Liberal Libel is, but that’s just the thing: Liberals don’t ever want the truth to become widely known, else they lose all chance at being elected or pushing the US ever Leftward.

And of course, when those Liberals aren’t making malicious libelous claims against Conservatives, they are trying to silence Conservatives. Again, such as Perry Hood’s numerous attempts to silence me over at Common Sense Political Thought (attempts which Dana Pico refused). And notice how the Liberals (Obama included) cried out hysterically when the Supreme Court ruled the First Amendment meant precisely what the First Amendment said in its Citizens United decision. Oh, Unions could air their opinions and positions, but businesses couldn’t because it would be so unfair to let certain various groups of assembled people to the right of Unions have Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly (nevermind the fact businesses are notoriously middle-of-the-road in their political spending and far down on the list compared to Unions and other Left-wing organizations). Common Sense Political Thought has a widget at the bottom of the page that highlights a new college or university each month and that college’s silencing of Conservative speech.

No, there is a large segment of the modern-day Liberals who absolutely do not want Conservatives to speak freely, and will use every means possible, ethical or unethical, legal or illegal, honorable or dishonorable, to silence the Conservative voice.


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  2. […] Of course, Garofalo adds in the radical Leftist lie about Conservative astroturf. You know, like that whole top-down, centralized Coffee Party reaction to the grass-roots TEA Party. Oops, the Coffee Party is a failed radical Leftist astroturf mechanism. Well then, like the “Crash the Tea Party” movement created by a teacher, whose intent was to infiltrate the TEA Party and make all manner of objectionable signs and statements to malign the TEA Party with all manner of lies. Oops, another failed radical Leftist attempt at astroturf and lies. Oh, by the way, that teacher got fired for doing his thing on school time using school equipment. Hunh, seems like all the astroturf lies (and astroturf is lying) are coming from the radical Leftists. Imagine that. It’s not like a Liberal to lie. Or is it? […]


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