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Down with science

Posted by DNW on 2011/08/15

Meaning of course, in the self-congratulatory urban-lite jargon of ignorant politically “progressive” Internet poseurs: right with, knowledgeable about, and affirming of, science. Thus, spoken in the same way as an avowed socialist might say he’s “down with ‘distributive justice’ ” and mean that he is all for it, and not that it should be brought crashing down and rubbed out. In exactly the same way, as a matter of fact.

But unlike with socialism, most of us, I would assume, are down with science.

Even so, I missed this little development two years ago, which is fit to be recorded alongside tales of painted mice, and testimony before the U.S. Congress regarding Alar.

Anyway, part of a series of links led (seems AOL might have some residual value on occasion) to this:

Father of Vaccine-Autism Link Said to Have Fudged Data
By John Gever, Senior Editor, MedPage Today
Published: February 11, 2009

“LONDON, Feb. 11 — The British researcher who first linked childhood vaccines to autism has been accused of falsifying data in a 1998 study published in The Lancet.

The Times of London reported Sunday that Andrew Wakefield, M.D., apparently altered clinical findings on eight of 12 children whose cases were the basis for the study.

The allegations follow disclosures in 2004 that Dr. Wakefield’s research was partially, and secretly, funded by plaintiffs’ lawyers in suits against vaccine makers, and that he had cut procedural corners in the research.

Dr. Wakefield issued a statement denying the new allegations. He also repeated earlier denials that the funding of his research affected his scientific conduct. …”

So, ‘Up with Science’, because after all, we are all ‘down with it’.

Oh, and just for the record: I have no family with, nor as far as I am aware do I even know anyone with, autism spectrum disorders. This of course assumes that when I say “I do not know anyone with such and such”, I am understood to mean that I do not personally know any such persons; and, that any encounters one may have or have been seen to have had with such persons on the Internet, does not establish nor imply anything resembling a personal acquaintance.

And naturally, my deepest sympathies and best wishes go out to all families and children contending with this disorder.

Now … as to the left-wing Internet infesting and obsessive adults also manifesting some of the same traits? Sympathy for them? Concern, too?

Well, in all candor, not so much.

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