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Does CCB Have Life?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/08/08

As the US Senate “tabled” the US House “Cut, Cap, and Balance” bill that met Standard & Poor’s requirements to maintain AAA credit rating on a strictly party-line vote and elected to pass a very weak-sauce bill that did not meat Standard & Poor’s requirements, Standard & Poor’s did what they said they’d do: Lower the US credit rating. And of course, the Democrat loudmouths went all over the airwaves bawling their little heads off about the “terrorist” TEA Party who “held our country hostage”. They also bawled their little heads off at the meanie Standard & Poor’s who tax cheat “TurboTax” Tim Geithner claimed didn’t understand Federal Budgeting. (Irony meter got shattered on that one.)

That’s not going to change the credit rating. But passing CCB very well could. The Sundries Shack (HT The Other McCain) examined a CNN/ORC poll that came out during the dust-up — the same poll the Democrats were using to claim the majority of Americans support tax increases. Except CCB had much broader support than the tax increase idea.

[W]hen you get into the demographic breakdowns — where the poll shows you what people of different races, genders, income levels, and political affiliations felt about the plans — you find that only the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan enjoys majority support from every single group.

Now, go back and read Question 23 again, then look at the percentages by group of people who favor that approach.

Men: 67%; Women: 66%
White: 69%; Non-White: 63%
18-34 Year Olds: 64%; 35-49 Year Olds: 70%; 50-64 Year Olds: 62%; 65+ Year Olds: 73%
Under 50: 67%; 50 and Older: 67%
(Yearly earnings) Under $50,000: 73%; (Yearly earnings) Over $50,000: 63%
No College: 76%; Attended College: 60%
Democrat: 64%; Independent: 65%; Republican: 73%
Conservative: 77%; Moderate: 65%; Liberal: 53%
Northeast: 65%; Midwest: 61%; South: 71%; West: 68%
Urban: 66%; Suburban: 65%; Rural: 73%
Tea Party Supporters: 74%; Tea Party Neutral: 74%; Tea Party Opposed: 53%

I know those numbers can be a bit dizzying, grouped together like that. Notice, though, that none of them — not a single one — is less than 50% and only 2 of the 29 are under 60%. What those numbers say very clearly is America supports “Cap, Cut, and Balance”, man or woman, rich or poor, young or old, Democrat or Republican, Tea Party or not. No matter where you go around the country, no matter who you ask, you are more likely to find someone who wants Congress to cut the size of government, put real caps on government spending, and pass an effective and simple Balanced Budget Amendment than not. Even the most ardent progressives, those who identify themselves as liberal and opposed to the Tea Parties and the people to whom the White House Goon Squad spoke directly on all the talk shows today, support the “extremist” plan pushed by the Tea Parties.

CNN is responsible for the poll that shows every side of the issue, every demographic, shows majority support for CCB. This wasn’t some TEA Party poll; it was a Left-leaning CNN poll. And blasting the TEA Party did so well in 2010… Now, blasting experts in the world of credit, too? When the majority of Democrats, Liberals, TEA Party opponents, poor, young, old all support the CCB deal that would’ve prevented the downgrade? I got a (NSFW) suggestion for you.

Now, I tried to check out the weighting of the CNN/ORC poll because I know nearly all “mainstream” media polls are weighted too heavily in favor of Democrats. I suspect this one is as well, but I didn’t see the numbers. If CNN gave more than a 1.7 percent advantage to Democrats (and I’ve seen “trusted” “mainstream” media polls with a +9 Democrat advantage), then the CCB favorability goes even higher than 66 percent and its unfavorability goes even lower than 33 percent.

Is CCB still alive? As the damage gets felt and as the election cycle starts heating up, it very well could be, especially if enough people continue clamoring for it. 23 Senate Democrat seats are in the cross-hairs this cycle, and CCB could be the ammo if the Democrats don’t take it up.

One Response to “Does CCB Have Life?”

  1. AOTC said

    i fully admit, i dont understand all the ratings and all numbers. but i do know when things dont make sense. i know what it takes for a personal credit rating to stay good, i understand personal economics.

    there used to be a stigma associated with being a spendthrift. it was not a savvy, acceptable, or desirable trait. it usually was a sign of lack of self discipline or concern for the interest of others….. and now we have progressives using moral arguments to justify overspending. it does not compute in terms of traditional values. i believe we have more than just a math problem. i dont know if people see this beyond the math problem.

    the argument that progressives use that they have to spend money for moral reasons is a load of crap. well, except that they mean there own moral code.

    the ideology of progressive liberalism is vehemently opposed to traditional values and/or christianity mostly because liberalism is a “religion” in direct competition of it. the trouble for liberalism is this, it is not original enough to have its own structure, it counterfeits from the traditional, calls itself “original” and then tries to destroy the authentic. it then goes about like a thief, stealing.

    what a pathetic poser ideology.


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