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Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/08/07

Truth Before Dishonor is a Tenth Amendment/Tenth Commandment site. The more in line with the Tenth Amendment and the Tenth Commandment one is, the more Conservative one will necessarily be. The reverse is also true. The more one rejects the Tenth Amendment and the more one rejects the Tenth Commandment, the more Liberal/Progressive/Socialist one will necessarily be.

Looking at Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, etc, arguments, I suspect in the range of 90 percent of all their arguments will run counter to the Tenth Amendment, the Tenth Commandment, or both.

There are two forms of Constitutional Tenther.

There is the Bell Curve Tenther, who believes the most power is in the hands of State governments, giving less power to both the Federal government and the Individual. This could also be considered a Letter of the Law Tenther. An example of such a position is Mitt Romney’s position on RomneyCare. It is okay for a State to mandate all its residents purchase a product but it is Unconstitutional for the Federal government to mandate it.

There is the Hyperbolic Curve Tenther of the form “x = 1/y (where both x and y are greater than zero)”. This could also be considered a Spirit of the Law Tenther. The further away from the individual the government is, the less authority over the individual the government should have. And the closer to the individual the government is, the more authority it should have, but the most authority should always reside with the individual and not with any level of government.

The vast majority of Bell Curve Tenthers are most likely found within State governments. Once a Bell Curve Tenther moves into the Federal government, it is highly likely such a Tenther will drop all pretenses and become the full-blown Statist the person actually is, because Bell Curve Tentherism is still a Big Government position. It’s just the location of the government that is in question. As such, the only true Tentherism is Hyperbolic Curve Tentherism.

And Truth Before Dishonor is a Hyperbolic Curve Constitutional Tenther site as well as a Biblical Tenther site.

*Originally posted on Texas Tenther, which I am folding back into Truth Before Dishonor.

2 Responses to “Tentherism”

  1. […] to cover up his Big Government power-grab with the Tenth Amendment. Of course, Romney is using a Bell Curve dispensation of the Tenth Amendment, meaning a power-grab for Statists at the State level. But that’s not the meaning or goal […]


  2. […] No, Rick Perry is not a small government Conservative. On this issue, he’s not a Conservative at all. As I said before, Rick Perry is a Bell Curve Tenther and not a True Tenther in that he supports State-level Big Government at the expense of the citizens. And I have no doubt that, if he were to become President, he will drop all pretenses at being a Tenther altogether for his Big Government approach. […]


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