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Michelle Malkin Gets Hate Mail

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/07/20

HT RS McCain

Michelle Malkin gets a ton of hate mail. On occasion, she posts some of it. And of course, she’s helpful enough to post the names and email addresses attached to the hate mail.

Below the fold, you will see racism, misogyny, pure unadulterated hate spewing forth from the Leftist nutjobs. Below the fold, you will see terms that my moderation filter and spam filter will catch if someone tried to use it in my comment section. If you wilt easily, do not venture below the fold.

Name: DKFergsuon
City: Pittsburgh
State: Pa
Text: You are such a mean bitter old bitch, it’s a shame the Japs didn’t murder your parents before they came to the U.S.

fuck off and die you worthless lying cunt

from jeff nach
date Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 6:08 AM

from Elena Conti

You stupid CUNT

from roger daltry

you stupid fucking cunt, if you like war so much why havn’t you joined? shut the fuck up

from Lou Typ

subject Hopefully your cousin dies you cunt and you never rest again

Every time you sleep I hope you wish you weren’t such a piece of shit. Maybe if you weren’t a cunt nothing would’ve happened?

Chris Modenbach

Dear Michelle-you racist gook

Get out of my country-gooks-like you who disrespect our president are not allowed here anymore in the US. Go back to Viet Nam

There are more hate mails Michelle Malkin posted. There’s even a threatened lawsuit. Chris Modenbach tried to claim “it wasn’t me” and threatened to sue her if she didn’t pull his email down. But she showed the evidence.

But you gotta hand it to Chris Modenbach for pegging the irony meter with “you racist gook”.

2 Responses to “Michelle Malkin Gets Hate Mail”

  1. Diane Crouse said

    You just can’t help stupid! The rants are so filled with hatred that it is kind of sad. These people have such empty lives and empty heads. We can pray that they find God and some purpose in life.


  2. AOTC said

    the liberal/leftist utopian existence promised by these peoples political worldview doesn’t work in the cities they control, the school systems they rule, or any country or culture it has ever been used in, most importantly, it doesn’t’ even translate into their own personal lives as an example.

    then they wonder why we don’t want them in charge of our lives.

    but, they are the brilliant ones, right…./sarcasm


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