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California’s Green Energy Mandate

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/07/15

California passed a stupid law requiring 1/3 of its energy usage be “green” energy and Beers with Demo has some crazy numbers to show the stupidity of the law. 129 square miles of solar energy fields and 1800 square miles of wind energy fields. Or basically a 13-mile by 10-mile field of solar panels and a 45-mile by 40-mile field of windmills. But you can’t do that because the tortoises won’t let you. And then you have all the power transmission lines. And the megatons of steel (which would invariably be bought from Communist China). And the scarce rare earth elements which also come from Communist China.

But don’t worry none, Californians. You won’t need eyesores of that size in your desert. The Liberals are driving business out of California at a very high rate, so undoubtedly your energy usage will drop. Thus, the need for these massive fields will also drop.

The Progressives at work, making Entropy progress far more rapidly.

One Response to “California’s Green Energy Mandate”

  1. AOTC said

    we go to palm springs every chance we get and pass acres of those wind farms on the way from the ontario, ca airport to PS. i swear in the 10 or so times ive driven around those massive whirligig fields ive yet to see more than 5-10% of them ever working at one time. and there are said to be 4000 of those windmills there. but they swear by them and (the govt subsidies) lol

    (side note, by mere chance we met sonny bono in 1989 at his restaurant, bono’s, when he was mayor, heh)


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