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Truth Before Dishonor vs Bridging The Gap

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/07/02

As Hube has noted, the radical Leftist Perry Hood — who is known to be outrageously incorrigible in every way on multiple sites (including Liberal sites) — started up a website called “Bridging the Gap.” Actually, he suggested it and Dana Pico of Common Sense Political Thought spent his own money to start it up. Dana Pico is using his own bought bandwidth to service “Bridging the Gap.” Perry Hood is spending zero dollars and zero cents for the site; all the money is coming out of Dana Pico’s pocket.

There will be people who will note that I am running a free site. Yes, I am running a free WordPress site. But WordPress prevents me from making any money off my site while WordPress requires that I permit it to have (occasional) ad links or whatever attached to my site, where WordPress makes money and I don’t. Perry Hood’s situation is different. He leeched off a Conservative for his own pay site, where he put up zero money out of his own pocket. Perry Hood is spending Other People’s Money, as is his position regarding Government spending: OPM will cover everything.

Whereas my deal with WordPress allows WordPress to make money off my site, Perry Hood’s deal with Dana Pico means a single private citizen not named Perry Hood covers all the expense of Perry Hood’s radical Leftist site.

But I want to look at some numbers. Because it’s numbers that tell the story behind blogs. Truth Before Dishonor is very qualified to be compared to “Bridging the Gap” as far as numbers go. While TBD is ancient compared to BtG (TBD started in 2009 while BtG started in April or May of this year), I left TBD dormant for a year. It was only the last couple days of April of this year. TBD was only getting about 10 hits a day on very stale articles during the time TBD was dormant. And BtG was started with fairly decent fanfare on CSPT, which receives in the neighborhood of 200 hits per day and has for the past couple years.

So TBD pulled out of its dormant state at roughly the same time BtG was rolled out. TBD did not receive the amplitude of fanfare BtG received on CSPT. Dana Pico said on CSPT he’d be posting articles on BtG. He has posted a couple articles on TBD, but he didn’t say he would do so, nor did he say he has done so, on CSPT. So, all in all, TBD compares equally to BtG. So what about the numbers? I have multiple tools to examine TBD hits. I have one tool to measure BtG hits. TBD and BtG both use sitemeter, so I’ll use that.

TBD produced 1,437 visits and 1,831 page views in May.
BtG produced 280 visits and 585 page views in May.

TBD produced 1,499 visits and 2,179 page views in June.
BtG produced 288 visits and 517 page views in June.

If you wish to eliminate residuals, based on TBD’s average of less than 12 hits per day during dormancy, a 15 visit per day deduction would be more than enough to cover residuals. That means 450 visits per month. And even with that deduction, TBD greatly outpaces BtG by multiples.

The amount of spam hitting a blog is another measure of blog reach. If a blog is hit with a lot of spam, it is reaching a greater number of people. It only makes sense to spam a blog with reach instead of a blog with no reach. I’m not saying TBD has reach, because it is actually a very tiny blog with very little reach. But looking at the spam captured (as TBD and BtG report to the public captured spam), in just over 2 months, BtG captured 22 spam events. That’s roughly 1 event every 3 days. TBD more than triples that spam-capture output.

Perry Hood claimed the number of comments marks the success level of blogs. Why, then, are so many of Perry Hood’s articles blocked from comments? Also, Perry Hood has on multiple occasions absolutely blasted bloggers who would prevent people from commenting on blogs. Supposedly, it’s a violation of the First Amendment and anyone who blocks commenters from commenting is acting in violation of the First Amendment. Why, then, does Perry Hood block comments from so many of his articles? Regardless, there is a noticeable dearth of comments on his articles on BtG. TBD has a noticeable dearth of comments as well, but I have never declared the measure of the successfulness of a blog to be tied to the number of comments. Nor have I declared preventing commenters from commenting to be a violation of the First Amendment as Perry Hood has. (I have also not closed entire articles from any comments on TBD as Perry Hood has on BtG.)

I have never tied comment level to success level, but Perry Hood has done just that. And his comments include numerous ping-backs from CSPT and TBD. So, according to Perry Hood’s own parameters, BtG is unsuccessful. TBD has at least the same number of actual comments as BtG does. TBD has far more spam than BtG does. TBD has far more hits and far more page views than BtG does. Even deducting for residual hits, TBD is far more widely read than BtG. And BtG had a roll-out with greater fan-fare (more articles discussing its coming and its arrival) than the re-emergence of TBD.

All in all, even by the radical Leftist Perry Hood’s standards, BtG has been a total flop compared to the very tiny market space TBD holds.

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