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More Evidence American Education Has Failed

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/30

Liberals love to claim all that is needed to fix our education system is More Taxpayer Money. That’s their mantra. It doesn’t matter that funding for K-12 has skyrocketed while outcomes have been flat-to-negative. Just pump more money into the broken system; don’t actually fix or replace the broken system. I have two examples where “money” isn’t the answer. Requiring students to learn and failing them if they don’t is.

About ten years ago, I saw a billboard in Mansfield, OH advertising “SOFA’S” and I pointed it out to my daughter. She laughed at it as I did. Last night, while scrolling through the TV programming guide, I found this nugget:

History Channel
Modern Marvels
PG, TV-PG Secret Underground Education.
(2010) A look under the feet of American’s, from
secret military installations and experimental
farms to tunnel networks and neutron lasers.

A perusal of the A&E career opportunity listings shows a college education requirement plus years of experience. Perhaps the person responsible for the above History Channel program guide was merely an intern (if A&E uses interns), but that would mean a college student wrote it. The person still would have had to have been a high school graduate (or equivalent) to hold the job.

(For those with public educations and cannot figure out what I’m hitting, there is a difference between a plural and a possessive.)

3 Responses to “More Evidence American Education Has Failed”

  1. Hube said

    Perhaps Perry could get a show on the History Channel titled “Don’t Know Much ‘Bout History.”


  2. Foxfier said

    My cellphone has multiple spelling and grammar errors. They’re things that spellcheck would catch, too!


  3. AOTC said

    i don’t have too much room to make remarks. i was a square peg in a round hole in academia.

    but i do hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day Holiday if any are traveling to be with family, friends or vacationing.
    hope we all take time to recall the meaning of the day and reflect on what an absolute blessing it is to be living in the most wonderful country in the world.


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