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The phony “gap bridger”

Posted by Hube on 2011/06/29

His blog is called, remarkably, “Bridging the Gap.” Why? Because, apparently, he wants both sides to “come together” to solve our nation’s problems. We’re talking about our old pal Perry. However, much like the LGOMB, he doesn’t really mean it. They are just words.

Take a look at Perry today in a thread over at Common Sense Political Thought:

Now I am no history buff, but I do know this: Many of the Founders were slave owners, women were not permitted to vote, and the Founders conceived of an electoral college to protect the powerful from the will of the people should the people get too much out of line with their voting. (Link.)

This premise was then challenged by me, among others. Perry refused to back back up his claim about the Electoral College.

I then wrote this about the Founding Fathers and slavery:

It is quite obvious you’re not a history buff, Herr Fossil, for you, like way too many faux “progressives,” seek to impose 21st century values upon what were indeed very forward-thinking people. Though many owned slaves (an accepted practice back then, BTW), many spoke out against it and began efforts to cease the practice.

GOP presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann recently got heat from the MSM (surprise, that) for a remark she made about the Founders working to end slavery. The fact is, she is correct. Even Abraham Lincoln backs this up, as well as the words of many of the Founders themselves.

But this doesn’t matter to Perry. He responds:

Making a law which made a black man 3/5 of a white man is hardly “working hard to end slavery”, in my view. That slavery persisted for another 70 plus years, with the vestiges of slavery evident to this very day, can hardly be construed as working hard enough to end slavery for once and for all. Moreover, it appears to me that racism remains alive today – ask most any black person about that. Better is not good enough!!!

When I asked Perry just why the 3/5 Compromise was constructed, here is what we get in reply:

The very existence of a 3/5 compromise apparently is fine with you, Hube, regardless of when it was instituted. I note that Repubs like yourself are more than happy to strive to restore that 3/5 fraction again, by your actions against ACORN and your current efforts to suppress the vote. Racism is not dead yet in the Republican Party.

That sure is some “gap bridging” there, is it not??

For those who may not know much about the 3/5 Compromise (and are modest enough not to make fools of themselves, like Perry did), take a look. And if Perry is reading, you especially need to look here:

The following false statements are just three examples of inaccurate interpretations that persist regarding the three/fifths compromise :

  • the 3/5s compromise of 1788 . . . enshrined slavery in the United States Constitution
  • African Americans in this country were considered only 3/5s human at one point in history.
  • We tried “compromise” and declared blacks to be 3/5s human.

The gap that Perry really needs to bridge is the one that exists in his head.

3 Responses to “The phony “gap bridger””

  1. Foxfier said

    Guess it’s the old “compromise” thing again– or the “reach across the isle” shtick. Always boils down to “let’s do what I want.”


  2. It is interesting that nowhere in the US Constitution does it say women are not allowed to vote. In fact, New Jersey women were voting in 1790, and doing so legally. So Perry’s “I know it was illegal for women to vote” is verifiably false.

    There was also never a Law making a black person 3/5 of a person. The law was regarding slaves and not blacks. Not all blacks were slaves and not all slaves were black. There were white slaves in the US during the slave days. My grandson is half black. He is descended from blacks who arrived in North America during the 17th or 18th Century. They arrived from Italy and were never slaves in the US. So, they were never counted as 3/5 of a person. Both sides of my daughter’s side of his family are descended in part from Indians (feather). As such, some of his ancestors were counted as “zero” for the enumeration purposes.

    It is also important to note that the anti-slavery North wanted slaves to count as “zero” while the pro-slavery South wanted slaves to count as “one” for the enumeration purposes. The people who owned other people wanted those other people to count as whole people in order to have more Representatives in the US House of Representatives while at the same time refusing to allow those same slave people the rights in the Constitution that free people had, including the Right to Vote.

    Perry does love to refer back to some fictionalized version of history in order to try to put weight to his inanity, but when actual history is provided, Perry either goes silent and absent or goes on his arrogant and ignorant attacks. Never a learning experience for Perry, the believer in all manner of radical Left-wing lies.


  3. Always boils down to “let’s do what I want.”

    That’s exactly right, Foxfier.


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