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The phony “gap bridger”

Posted by Hube on 2011/06/29

His blog is called, remarkably, “Bridging the Gap.” Why? Because, apparently, he wants both sides to “come together” to solve our nation’s problems. We’re talking about our old pal Perry. However, much like the LGOMB, he doesn’t really mean it. They are just words.

Take a look at Perry today in a thread over at Common Sense Political Thought:

Now I am no history buff, but I do know this: Many of the Founders were slave owners, women were not permitted to vote, and the Founders conceived of an electoral college to protect the powerful from the will of the people should the people get too much out of line with their voting. (Link.)

This premise was then challenged by me, among others. Perry refused to back back up his claim about the Electoral College.

I then wrote this about the Founding Fathers and slavery:

It is quite obvious you’re not a history buff, Herr Fossil, for you, like way too many faux “progressives,” seek to impose 21st century values upon what were indeed very forward-thinking people. Though many owned slaves (an accepted practice back then, BTW), many spoke out against it and began efforts to cease the practice.

GOP presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann recently got heat from the MSM (surprise, that) for a remark she made about the Founders working to end slavery. The fact is, she is correct. Even Abraham Lincoln backs this up, as well as the words of many of the Founders themselves.

But this doesn’t matter to Perry. He responds:

Making a law which made a black man 3/5 of a white man is hardly “working hard to end slavery”, in my view. That slavery persisted for another 70 plus years, with the vestiges of slavery evident to this very day, can hardly be construed as working hard enough to end slavery for once and for all. Moreover, it appears to me that racism remains alive today – ask most any black person about that. Better is not good enough!!!

When I asked Perry just why the 3/5 Compromise was constructed, here is what we get in reply:

The very existence of a 3/5 compromise apparently is fine with you, Hube, regardless of when it was instituted. I note that Repubs like yourself are more than happy to strive to restore that 3/5 fraction again, by your actions against ACORN and your current efforts to suppress the vote. Racism is not dead yet in the Republican Party.

That sure is some “gap bridging” there, is it not??

For those who may not know much about the 3/5 Compromise (and are modest enough not to make fools of themselves, like Perry did), take a look. And if Perry is reading, you especially need to look here:

The following false statements are just three examples of inaccurate interpretations that persist regarding the three/fifths compromise :

  • the 3/5s compromise of 1788 . . . enshrined slavery in the United States Constitution
  • African Americans in this country were considered only 3/5s human at one point in history.
  • We tried “compromise” and declared blacks to be 3/5s human.

The gap that Perry really needs to bridge is the one that exists in his head.

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Mitt Romney, The R&D Candidate

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/29

This 2012 election cycle will be the most highly-charged election cycle in my memory (and I remember the Carter/Reagan cycle). There is more at stake in 2012 than there has been since World War II. The battle lines have been drawn and positions on the issues stand in stark contrast. The difference between the Conservative agenda and the Liberal agenda is unbridgeable.

Enter Mitt Romney. (HT LaborUnionReport for the video)

So, Mitt was for it before bein agin it. Or was he agin it before bein for it? Or is he agin bein for it or for bein agin it?

If you’re Pro-Life, you cannot vote for Mitt because he’s pro-abortion.
If you’re pro-abortion, you cannot vote for Mitt because he’s Pro-Life.

If you oppose mandates, you cannot vote for Mitt because he likes mandates.
If you like mandates, you cannot vote for Mitt because he opposes mandates.

And the beat goes on.

Mitt Romney is straddling the fence, trying to play both sides. In this charged atmosphere, that fence is electrified, and the amperage keeps increasing. The growing differences between Conservatives and Liberals means the electric fence is growing taller. Mitt Romney is doing his best to straddle a 6-foot-tall, fully electric fence. And we know what happens when you try to do that.

Sure would be nice if Romney tried a little integrity.

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Senator Johnson Hits Hypocritical Democrats Hard

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/29

In an earlier article, I wrote about Congressman Kelly hitting hypocritical Democrats hard. Now it’s the Senate’s turn. Ron Johnson (R – WI) hammers the hypocritical Democrats, using a TEA Party tactic — focusing in on the Rule of Law.

HT ColdWarrior

Congress has not passed a Budget in roughly 800 days. The Democrat-controlled Congress didn’t even try to pass a budget in 2010 — despite the Constitutional requirement to do so — because they knew doing so would cost them a lot of seats in Congress. Harry Reid declared the Senate will not bother with a budget this year. And, in fact, the Senate Budget Committee hasn’t even bothered to start a mark-up for a budget — despite the Constitutional requirement to do so.

What is Senator Ron Johnson (R – WI) going to do about it? He’s going to use Senate Rules (that thing the Constitution says the Senate writes for itself) to put the pressure on. If the Senate does not do its duty regarding the Budget process, and do so in the open, “unanimous consent” will be far less common, as Senator Johnson intends to object and withhold consent. Will this force the Senate to do a budget? No, not at all. But it could effectively shut down Senate business. “I ask unanimous consent that the [bill/amendment] be considered as read.” “I object.” Then the bill or amendment would have to be read in its entirety, each bill, each amendment, each reading. How long does it take to read aloud a 1,000-page bill? How long does it take to read aloud each of 100 amendments to the bill? How much business can be accomplished if every word of every bill and every amendment has to be read aloud before any debate begins?

To Senator Ron Johnson’s (R – WI) planned course of action in staring down the unconstitutional activities of Harry Reid (D – NV) and the rest of the hypocritical Senate Democrats (who are busily lambasting Republican budget plans), I say “Yes! Yes! A thousand times, yes!”

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Politico Performs A Hit Job On Michele Bachmann

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/29

And Law Professor William A Jacobson promptly shreds it … with facts. Definitely go read the article. It’s brief and to the point. Here’s Professor Jacobson’s closing statement:

This article signifies so much of what has gone wrong at Politico. The headline is catchy and will result in traffic, and the page one money line is inflammatory against a rising Republican candidate. But the story is thinly thought out, and the facts which contradict the headline are not revealed until later pages.

I won’t be linking Politico here, and I try not to link Politico at any time. For those who are unaware of the reasons, find out about Politico v College Politico over at Patterico. It is also important to note that Politico has among its stable of authors members of the notorious and dishonest JournoList, who were more than willing to intentionally falsely accuse “someone, it doesn’t matter who” of being racist to protect Obama/Wright/Ayers during the 2008 election cycle.

In short, the Politico hit job on Bachmann was a work of moral depravity.

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