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If you believe in Jesus

Posted by DNW on 2011/06/23

… slit your wrists … If you believe in Jesus, pay us now …

Sorry to pack so much potential offense into so few lines, but a little further reading and you will see who, or as I like to say, what, this is really aimed at.

And, I suppose that if I have time to drop offensive comments off on Professor Ed Feser’s blog, or to check Dana’s blog out over a couple of days only to discover that the same autistic lefties that were camping there months ago still remain there grazing there comfortably, then I have time enough to drop off a line here.

So, what’s this about?

Well, apparently American Values Network values experts have discovered that Ayn Rand was an atheist. OMG!!! And it then occurred to them that no real Christian could possibly advocate Rand’s philosophy as part of a political program.

It’s true. Really. Chuck Colson is said to have told Glenn Beck the erstwhile Christian who became a Mormon who became an ex-talk-show host, and now we are telling you

You see, all true Christians are, and we shall now adopt the modern liberal voice here, advocates of theocracy, as school vouchers prove. And as theocrats, these Christians are therefore categorically obligated to politically practice and live out those self-sacrificial aspects of their religious beliefs  – beliefs which otherwise don’t belong in the public square anyway mind you – in the realm of politics.

And the best way for them to do that while causing the least trouble or embarrassment for those who are tasked with the heavy duty of farming these farmer fools, is for them to take the direction of secular atheists who know better than to be misled by the God Delusion; and, just to continue to pony their taxes up for NPR and Planned Parenthood like they are told.

As the selfish gene theory would make clear to them if they were capable of understanding it, we are morally obligated to be altruists in the name of the “species” (which doesn’t actually exist in any essentialist” sense); although the book doesn’t really say that. So, all in all it’s just as well that Christians should continue to believe they are acting at the command of a God whom we progressives know doesn’t exist either. And we should do our best to make sure that this delightful program doesn’t go astray. The last thing we need is to accidentally convert people into selfish nominalist atheists who grant our premisses, but then start punching the shit out of progressives because they find progressives weak and impertinent and deceptive, and figure that they will never be punished by God for doing it.

See what we need for a socially just and well-ordered society is to keep them believing just enough so we can redirect their altruism to our purposes in the name of brotherhood; but not so much that they expect their “brothers” to actually act like brethren, or so much that they start becoming judgmental and withholding when their “brethren” don’t.

It works like this: Too much literal-minded Christianity makes the progressive’s porridge too hot, too little in the way of sharing-caring values makes it too cold. But just the right amount of lukewarm guilt ridden deracinated “Christianity Lite” tops off progressive’s government issue rice bowl juuust right!

And isn’t that what survival of the bureaucratically fittest in particular, and wise ecological management in general, is all about?

3 Responses to “If you believe in Jesus”

  1. aassovertincups said

    while reading the posts on the “The Leftist Full-Frontal Assault On The US Constitution” i was reminded of this thread and it then reminded me of this: (sorry about all the ravi references, i am not good at explaining so i will refer to those who are) the video used some humor too.

    the progressive trick is not very original is it, or even sophisticated? and even more ironic is that when people like sarah palin expose them they call her dumb. heh


  2. I like Ravi. I can’t remember exactly how he put it regarding absolutes but I’ve used his quick-and-easy tear-down of (absolute) relativism.

    There are no absolutes.
    There is no Truth.
    Both self-defeating arguments.

    But aotc, I’m gonna go Jethro Gibbs on you. “Don’t apologize. It’s a sign of weakness.” 😉


  3. aassovertincups said

    yes sir. got it. 🙂


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