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Scott Walker Hits Planned Parenthood

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/22

Republicans in the US House of Representatives tried to defund the abortion mill Planned Parenthood (which has been caught engaging in criminal activity). Everyone knew, even the House Republicans, that such a defunding wouldn’t get past Obama’s desk, if it even got that far. But it made for a striking point of clarity: the US is deficit spending like there is no tomorrow and won’t even cut funds to an abortion mill, knowing full well that the abortion mill gets far more money outside government sources than it does from the government.

Well, the States are stepping up to the plate and exercising their Tenth Amendment rights. From Creative Minority Report comes news that Governor Scott Walker will sign the Bill that defunds Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin.

Walker is expected to sign a budget bill on Tuesday, making Wisconsin the fourth state to defund the abortuary. (Indiana, Kansas and North Carolina did so earlier this year.) Do you realize how much liberals hate Scott Walker right now? This trend of the states doing what the feds so miserably failed to do is awesome and it’s good for the country to bring some power back to the states. The days of us waiting for Washington to do something good is over. Make the fight on our own turf.

This is definitely a Pro-Life Social Conservative victory, but it’s also a Fiscal Conservative victory. And it’s a Tenth Amendment victory. And Tenth Amendment victories are coming a bit more rapid-fire of late. We have the Light Bulb Law, Illegal Immigration laws which multiple states have put in place since the Federal Government won’t do its job, the majority of States suing the Fed over ObamaCare, and the list of Tenther activities goes on.

And we have Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Democrat Party to thank. It was the radical Leftist agenda and the Obama-Reid-Pelosi trifecta of Central Power over-reach that caused the TEA Party explosion. It was the TEA Party explosion that created a renewed and powerful focus on returning to the Constitution. It was the TEA Party explosion that caused the 2010 electoral tsunami — a tsunami that saw Republicans pick up over 700 seats in State and Federal Legislatures and Governorships and Big Government Republicans replaced with Limited Government Republicans. So, yes, we have Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Democrat Party to thank for the powerful movement back to the Constitution.

Sometimes it takes the evil done by your enemies to finally bring about the awareness and spine necessary to bring about good.

2 Responses to “Scott Walker Hits Planned Parenthood”

  1. assovertincups said

    walker is solid. we need solid conservatives that have his backbone and courage.

    hi john, im glad i found your site. i think i will behave and read mostly. i had been following cspt covertly for quite awhile but have no interest anymore. i hope this note finds you and your family well. i have spent the spring and summer reading cs lewis exclusively. i think i read “Mere Christianity” about 4 times, it was amazing. it has been very helpful.

    i am content to read your blog as you post on here if you dont mind. i still need a political fix besides twitter, lol.

    mike (mr aotc) says hello too.


  2. Welcome, aotc, and please do comment. Feedback is always a good thing. But you might find yourself in moderation with each comment due to your moniker. I’m less liberal in my comment policy than CSPT so my filters are a bit stronger.


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