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National Incandescent Light Bulb Freedom?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/21

Yesterday, I reported on Texas’ nullification of the Federal incandescent light bulb ban. Today, there appears to be movement in the US House of Representatives to eliminate that ban nationally.

At The Heritage Foundation’s Bloggers Briefing this afternoon, Heritage web editor Amy Payne directed a pointed question to the Congressman. “Will we be able to keep our light bulbs?” she asked.

[Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred] Upton’s answer was cryptic, but encouraging. “That is an issue that is out there,” he said. “I’ve been working closely with [Rep.] Joe Barton [R-Tex.] and [Rep.] Mike Burgess [R-Tex.] and we’re very close to seeing an agreement merge and happen, so stay tuned. … A couple different things that we’re looking at. Just stay tuned in the next couple days, actually. Maybe a little breaking news — well, let’s just say ‘soon.’ We’ve had some good conversations and we’ll see where we are later in the week.”

If this passes the House, and that is a distinct possibility, I doubt it will pass or even get voted on in the Senate. Heck, the Senate hasn’t been able to pass a Budget for approaching 800 days. Aside from that, the ban is really all about Central Government Power. And Democrats don’t want to go on record opposing any Individual Liberty issues, especially now that the political turmoil is so great and the Left does not have the total control of Teh Narrative necessary to make their votes vanish.

But the more of this the Republican House of Representatives do, the more the stark differences between Democrat Central Government power and Republican Individual Liberty the voting public will see. And the choice in 2012 will come down to, among economic and foreign issues, a choice between Freedom and Serfdom.

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  1. lighthouse said

    Still, to paraphrase the Casablanca movie, we “incandescent lovers” will always have Paris, or maybe at least Paris, Texas…
    Updates on all current US State repeal ban Bills, Canada, EU and Australia information


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