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Liberal Voter ID Philosophy Attached Elsewhere

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/20

Patron: I want to buy this AR-15.
Gun Shop Owner: Are you at least 18?
Patron: Yup, wanna see my ID?
Gun Shop Owner: No need. I trust you.
Patron: Alright. I also want to buy this .38 Special.
Gun Shop Owner: Are you at least 21?
Patron: Yup, sure am.
Gun Shop Owner: Have a nice day.

Patron: I want a case of Budweiser.
Cashier: Are you at least 21?
Patron: Yup.
Cashier: Have a nice day.

Officer: Do you have a Driver’s License, proper registration and car insurance?
Driver: Yes, I do.
Officer: Very well. Have a safe trip.

It’s not very important to check any of that stuff. After all, it’s illegal to buy rifles under 18 or pistols under 21. It’s illegal to buy beer under 21. It’s illegal to drive an unregistered car without a license and insurance. So people won’t do it. And we can trust them to be honest.

And besides that, it might be raaaaacist to demand proof of any of that. Because, somehow blacks cannot be expected to live up to the same high standards of whites.

And that is the Liberal Voter ID Philosophy tied to other issues. Do read the Liberal rants on Voter ID Laws and pay special attention to Perry’s rants.

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