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Technology To Blame For Unemployment

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/16

If it weren’t for Eli Whitney and his Cotton Gin, we’d have more agriculture jobs in the deep south.

If it weren’t for John Deere and the advancements in plowing, discing, tilling, fertilizing, harvesting equipment, we’d have more agriculture jobs nationwide.

If it weren’t for Henry Ford and the mass introduction of the assembly line, we’d have a much higher need for artisans and master craftsmen.

If it weren’t for the rotary telephone, we’d have enough jobs available for every woman over the age of 18 to wear headphones and ask the all-important question “how may I direct your call?”.

If it weren’t for the automobile, we’d have a lot more jobs for liverymen, horse breeders, corn and hay farmers, street sweepers.

If it weren’t or the milking machine, we’d have a lot more jobs for the maids a-milking.

If it weren’t for progress, we’d have jobs… or something.

Barack Obama blamed ATMs and kiosks for unemployment numbers. He’s just so stupid and socialist when TOTUS isn’t telling him what to say.

HT Hot Air

Michelle Malkin states:

Obamanomics perpetuates a Luddite view — a stupidly static, anti-technology view — of the economy that betrays hostility not only to real innovators in America, but to all of the individual consumers and employees who benefit from their advances.

ATMs and ticket kiosks are not the enemies of economic success.

She’s right, of course.

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