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Step Away From The Laptop

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/13

I am the site-owner for Truth Before Dishonor and I am personally responsible for the vast majority of the articles. I am also a major contributor on Common Sense Political Thought and an occasional contributor on Caffeinated Thoughts. I have regular readers, despite the fact they don’t comment. As such, I feel a responsibility to provide articles of fact and commentary.

All my reasons for creating Truth Before Dishonor boil down to a single declarative and a single interrogative:

All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
If not you, then who?

There are too few people in America today interested in politics, and it’s politics that decides whether we remain a Free Nation. The mainstream media has claimed to be objective, and sometimes still do, but they have slipped from a facade of objectivity to a very clear example of a different word with the same root-word: objectionability. For decades, the mainstream media was the only game in town, so they were able to make the false claim of being objective while couching their liberal bias and agenda in nuance and subliminal nudging.

But the blogosphere blew up, or more importantly, the Conservative blogosphere blew up. That, combined with Conservative talk radio, has destroyed “the only game in town” and mainstream media doesn’t like it. Mainstream media has gone full-bore Liberal agenda. And there’s no hiding it from politically-aware people now. The most recent twin epic stories are absolute proof.

Andrew Breitbart broke the Anthony Weiner epic story, and mainstream media went into action shilling for Anthony Weiner. Weiner claimed he had been hacked by someone trying to destroy him. And the media went with that story, even when things weren’t adding up. From my understanding, Roger Ailes went so far as to tell FOX News to cool it with Weinergate — just as it was starting up — unless more breaking news came out. Ailes was doing his best to be a “good man saying nothing.” Once everything blew up, proving Breitbart was dead-on, no apologies to Breitbart from the supposedly objective but actually objectionable mainstream media. They were brought, kicking and screaming, to the true story. And still refusing to actually “break” any news. They weren’t — and still aren’t — interested in scooping any of it.

News of the impending release of 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin emails got the mainstream media giddy like school girls. NBC wondered how Sarah Palin was going to navigate the “minefield” that was the release of those 24,000 pages of emails. The New York Times and Washington Post actively sought help of the hordes of little people to help them sift through the piles of emails to find all the hidden piles of dirt on Sarah Palin. All of the mainstream media were drooling like the ravenous dogs they are, just knowing they’d find the dirt that would kill Palin’s political career. What came out of the emails? Sarah Palin was the very same likeable, honest, ethical person devoted to the interests of the people in private as she is in public. There was no dirt there. And as far as I know, no mea culpa from the mainstream media.

The media mocked bloggers for being “not journalists.” The media mocked bloggers for being “not professional.” The media mocked bloggers for being “not trained, not educated, not skilled, not real.” Then the media turned to bloggers and people who weren’t even bloggers to help the media dig through the emails to find all the bodies. The media couldn’t do it themselves. Furthermore, the media refused to do actual journalism on Weinergate. The “not journalist” Andrew Breitbart broke the story, then broke it wide open, and the “real journalists” were forced to report the news that the people they mocked broke.

The whole thing is outrageously comical. The mainstream media has proven its complete uselessness in its Leftist shillary and refusal to do any actual digging for the truth. The mainstream media has proven its complete uselessness in its Leftist full frontal assault on Sarah Palin despite all the facts showing there is nothing untoward about Sarah Palin. It’s outrageously comical. But it’s also outrageously enraging.

There are too many low-information voters who don’t pay enough attention to see the truth. There are too many no-information non-voters who don’t care enough to see the truth. And there is too much truth that would never have gotten out without the Conservative blogosphere. That’s why it is imperative that the Conservative blogosphere remain ever diligent.

It is for times like these that I have been born. I was placed here, now for this time. That is not egotistical or narcissistic. Because it is for times like these that you have been born. You were placed here, now for this time. And if people are not careful, carrying that burden of responsibility can become too much like weilding a two-edged, hilt-free sword: aggressive use can cut your own fingers off.

I believe this time in American History is among the absolute most critical. America’s existence is in the balance. This period of time is as critical to the United States as were World War II, the Civil War and the Revolutionary War period. We are perched on the precipice.

All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
If not you, then who?

With such a grave time comes another great risk: burn-out. I have spent hours a day every day seven days a week reading, watching, listening to, writing politics because it is that important. The seriousness of national and world events and the historically imperative nature of it all carries a heavy burden and an urgent need to refuse to do nothing. Even so, there comes a time to take a break and unplug. Soldiers during World War II took breaks and unplugged from the war. And they were much better men than I.

So I took this past week-end (and a bit more) to unplug. I didn’t write any articles. I didn’t even turn my laptop on all weekend long (or I don’t think I did. I may have had it on for a brief time Saturday, maybe not). I don’t want to burn out. I don’t want to be a “good man who does nothing.” There’s a balancing act to be had, and I have not found the balance yet. But I hope I will.

11 Responses to “Step Away From The Laptop”

  1. DNW said

    Pace yourself, John.

    And bear in mind that whatever you can accomplish on the Internet will probably have more to do with promulgating a viewpoint, and with information sharing, than much else.

    The Internet, despite the projections and expectations of optimists, never turned out to provide casual and public fora that were particularly conducive to productive debate anyway, as a glance at almost any – almost any – forum where it ostensibly takes place, will reveal. Flame wars in so many cases.

    Bloggers will also do well to observe the long-term effects of manic obsession on personality, through observing the effects of such years-long immersion on cases like that of those two Iowa Lib characters. Let their fate serve as a warning to the still emotionally healthy blogger who wishes to avoid ending up like them: i.e., stalking angrily around an empty virtual reality room, while compulsively shouting at a largely indifferent world.


  2. Ahh, but DNW, the rightosphere has indeed busted wide open the Leftist agenda in the lamestream media and forced the lamestream media to actually report on real news the lamestream media was attempting to hide. And the rightosphere has been very instrumental in causing large portions of the public to totally discount the lamestream media as “objective” and place them in the “objectionable” category.

    While it is true that the blogosphere is home to a very narrow band of the public, it is that narrow band of the public that actually votes (in primaries and off-year and special elections more strenuously). It is also important to remember that the flame-wars in comment sections are not representative of the viewership of the articles. There are far more hits and page-views than there are comments; therefore, the articles and comments must be written with the frame of reference of the lurker or the first-time visitor. In fact, most visitors don’t even bother to read beyond the first flame in the comment section, if they even venture to the comments.

    Understand, this is not blog-specific — as in TBD — but rather blogosphere as a whole. There is a vastly greater number of “just passing through” and “long-time reader, never participator” blog-readers than actual commenters. And that is true for all blogs, not just TBD, which has a following and a “just passing through” crowd of newcomers.

    While your position regarding primary effects may or may not be true (and I’ll grant your position on primary effects just for the sake of argument), it’s the secondary and tertiary effects that are the real importance. The “Army of Davids” may not impact the Leftist political junkies (in fact, they won’t), but they do indeed impact the lamestream media and the general population as a result.

    I am definitely too focused on Leftist idiots who have lost all sense of logic and truth. That’s a given. I also am too effected by commenters, most particularly brain-dead Leftist commenters. But it’s really not the primary impact and primary results that are important here. It’s the secondary and tertiary impact. It’s the lurkers, those just passing by, and those affected by the lurkers and those passing by, and the swarming affect of the rightosphere on the sycophant press that really matters.

    TBD is a very tiny blog in the ocean of blogs. But it has a very certain level of lurking readership and a very certain level of passers-by. As such, it is indeed a catalyst or an accelerant in secondary and tertiary affectation. I leave you with this video, which comically also shows a bit of how my mind works (scattterbrain, tangent-attacking).


  3. Heh, WP update has poofed some abilities (among other foul-ups they did).


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