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This doesn’t matter: it still won’t change the meme of our friends on the left

Posted by Dana Pico on 2011/06/12

From what Mr Hitchcock calls the PuffHo:

Palin Emails Show Engaged Leader Who Sought VP Nod

Sarah Palin By Becky Bohrer 06/11/11 09:44 PM ET AP

JUNEAU, Alaska — There are no bombshells, no “gotcha” moments.

The emails of Sarah Palin – more than 24,000 pages of them released Friday by the state of Alaska from her first two years as governor – paint a picture of an image-conscious, driven leader, closely involved with the day-to-day duties of running the state and riding herd on the signature issues of her administration.

She angled for a vice presidential nomination months before John McCain picked her, but hesitated to endorse him until she got an explanation about “pro-environmental stands he’s taking that could hurt Alaska.”

The messages give a behind-the-scenes look at a politician who burst onto the national stage after serving as Wasilla mayor and less than two years as Alaska governor. They show a woman striving to balance work and home, fiercely protective of her family and highly sensitive to media coverage. She expressed a sometimes mothering side with aides but was quick to demand answers or accountability.

They seem to depict a more moderate Palin who worked to find a state response to global warming -– she has since dismissed studies supporting climate change -– and gave props to then-Sen. Barack Obama for his support of a natural gas pipeline in Alaska.

In simpler words, the documents show an involved governor, doing her job credibly and competently.

Our Democratic friends think that former Governor Palin would be the easiest Republican candidate for their lemon President to beat, but they are absotively, posilutely scared to death of her: what, they quiver, if she actually won? Ronald Reagan, as Governor of California, signed a liberal abortion bill. The elder George Bush switched his position from pro-abortion to pro-life, and the younger George Bush was a hard partier. They were all officially pro-life when it came to presidential campaigns, but our friends on the left were actually a bit less worried about the social issues with those pretty much mainstream Republican candidates than they let on.

But Sarah Palin? Not only was she “officially” pro-life, she actually lived it. When informed that her fifth child had Down Syndrome, she opted to continue her pregnancy anyway, rather than have a later-term abortion. Good Lord, the woman actually seemed to believe what she said she believed!

And compared to their own presidential candidate, who had run absolutely nothing before in his life, Mrs Palin was a state Governor, so our friends on the left just had to trash her. She was a lightweight, a featherhead, someone who had gotten where she was due to her looks, but certainly no one actually serious.

Throw in some bad choices on the part of her daughter, stir in a bit of Andrew Sullivan’s “Trig Palin trutherism,” and the woman was just a dismissible clown, a living, breathing caricature rather that a real person.

Yet now, she stands revealed as just what she claimed to be: a solid governor, doing her job, seriously and credibly, and with a solid ambition to do more.

It may be that, as a result of the attacks from the left, Mrs Palin simply can’t be a credible candidate; she is politically damaged goods. But as the evidence comes out, we can see that she was politically damaged unfairly, and untruthfully. I expected no more than that from the Democrats.
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