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George Allen Signs Contract From America

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/09

I got an email from Contract From America, stating George Allen signed their contract.

U.S. Senate Candidate George Allen (R-VA) First Candidate in Virginia to Sign Contract from America in 2012 Cycle

The Contract from America Foundation announced today that U.S. Senate candidate George Allen (R-VA) has joined over 70 currently elected Senators and Congressmen nationwide by listening to the wishes of his constituents and signing the “Contract from America,” a Main Street, tea party-driven legislative blueprint for 2011 and beyond. He is the first to do so in Virginia for the 2012 election cycle.

Ryan Hecker, one of the organizers of the Contract from America, elaborated: “George Allen, by signing the Contract from America, has shown himself to be a true champion of Main Street and tea party values. He has illustrated that, if elected, he will listen to his constituents and be a true grassroots conservative leader in the Senate. We are especially glad that George is the first candidate in Virginia to sign the Contract in the 2012 cycle.”

In signing this bottom-up call for economic conservative and good governance reform, George Allen stated:

“Virginians are anxious about the struggling economy, out-of-control spending, and growing debt that is threatening to rob our children of the opportunities we had. Rather than the dictates, mandates and tax hikes coming out of Washington we need a pro-growth agenda based on our foundational principles of freedom, personal responsibility and opportunity for all. In the U.S. Senate I pledge to protect and build upon the basic principles of the Contract from America – individual liberty, limited government and economic freedom.”

Visit Mr. Allen’s campaign website:

I do not know Virginia politics. I have never lived in Virginia. I spent 44+ years in Ohio. I now live in Texas, having spent the last 1+ years in Texas. That means I know Ohio politics. But I know George Allen was Governor of Virginia and was a US Senator from Virginia before the Democrat wave elections threw him out. My question is this: Did George Allen sign the contract for cynical, political reasons? Did he sign the contract to get votes? Will he stay true to the contract or is he using it as a tool to get elected?

My own position is rather simple to understand, but difficult to implement, even for me. Every Congressman (that’s not a sexist term, but a gender-neutral term) should come from the private sector. Every Congressman should return to the private sector. That means term limits. And that means mandatory term limits. Not just “consecutive terms” variety but the lifetime standard for term limits. That also means eradicating pensions for former politicians, to include current political pensioners. When politicians leave Congress and have to make a living under the laws Congress pass, those politicians will necessarily be much more reticent toward Government power over the everyday lives of private citizens and private enterprises.

And George Allen is a career politician who gets a heavy political pension paycheck every month. That is an absolutely huge “no” for me. Don’t get me wrong. If he is the absolute best candidate for office, despite his career politician standing, he should be elected. And signing the Contract From America is a very strong step toward that. Every person seeking office — national, statewide, local — should sign the Contract From America, and those who refuse to sign should be dinged, and dinged hard. But everyone who signs should also be seriously studied to determine if the signing is merely a cynical move or an actual affirmation of positions. And their feet should necessarily be held to the fire.

Now, George Allen is facing a TEA Party darling as an opponent in the 2012 Virginia US Senate Primary. Jamie Radtke has a strong and longer standing with positions that are TEA Party-supported. And she is not a politician but rather a member of the private sector. I, personally, support Jamie Radtke over George Allen, although I am hesitant to give her my full support. While I am strongly in favor of private-sector individuals to enter Congress, it remains true that those individuals have no track record. The vast majority of pro-opinion must necessarily be placed on issue positions instead of (nonexistent) track records. But Jamie Radtke’s issue positions are dead on and have been dead on from day one. George Allen, on the other hand, is a recent acceptant of TEA Party demands.

The Democrat, Webb, has chosen to retire after one term in the Senate, so any Democrat offered up will have no experience in the US Senate — and will be a Democratic sacrificial lamb as the Republicans retake the Virginia seat. So the key vote is in the Republican Primary: selecting the appropriate Republican candidate for the office.

Jamie Radtke is a TEA Party candidate. George Allen is a long-time Republican politician seeking a return to where he was before, so he is a known quantity. Virginians will have a choice between a known Republican who recently signed the Contract From America and an unknown who has been speaking TEA Party for a year or more. If I were Virginian, I’d vote Radtke in the Primary. But I’d vote for either one of them in the General.

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Are Catholics Christians?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/06/09


Okay, we’re done here. Time for you to surf elsewhere.

Okay, maybe we’re not done. There’s another question to be asked.

Are Protestants Christians?


Now we’re done. Move on and surf elsewhere.

Or maybe I just confused you. Let me use a word-picture. Are Chevrolets Corvettes? No. Are Chevrolets built after 1968 Corvettes? No. But are Corvettes Chevrolets? Yes. And that makes all the difference. Can Catholics be Christian and be Catholic at the same time? Absolutely. Can Protestants be Christian and be Protestant at the same time? Absolutely.

But it is my contention that the vast majority of Catholics and Protestants are not actually Christians. You can stand in the garage and go “Vroom Vrooooooom” all you want. Won’t make you a car. Won’t even make you a motorcycle or moped. Likewise, you can attend a Christian church all you want. Won’t make you a Christian. You can lay claim to your Catholicness or your Lutheranness or your Baptistness or or or… won’t make you Christian. But you can be Catholic or Lutheran or Baptist or Wesleyan or Calvinist or Amish or or or … and still be Christian. Because there is an overriding theology involved. Salvation through Grace and Grace alone by way of the Ultimate Sacrifice of Providence’s one and only Son at Calvary. That is the line of demarcation. Accept that gift under those parameters and you’re a Christian. Reject that Gift or change those parameters and you are not a Christian. This means, by definition, Jehova’s Witnesses is not a Christian denomination, nor is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (“LDS” or “Mormon”).

Jehovah’s Witnesses has its own Bible that does not at all comport to the original language. John 1 is proof of that. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was a God.” That’s it. You lose. Because: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” Absolute huge difference. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in multiple gods, Jesus being merely one of them. Christians believe in a singular God, Jesus being God.

Mormons have their own book, which is absolutely chock full of falsehoods, including massive amounts of material completely destroyed by histo-facts. That, in itself, proves mormonism is not Christian. But Mormons go further. They claim Jesus and Satan are brothers. “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son …” That’s it. Done. Any who claim Jesus and Satan are brothers are in direct contradiction to Providence’s Holy Word, thus, not Christians.

So, can people be Christians while remaining true to Catholic Doctrine? Yes.
Can people be Christians while remaining true to various Protestant Doctrines? Yes (depending on the doctrine).
Can people be Christians while remaining true to Jehovah’s Witness Doctrine? No.
Can people be Christians while remaining true to Mormon Doctrine? No.

There will be a large number of supposedly christian pastors in Hell because they rejected the Holy Word of Providence. And nearly their entire flock will be in Hell with them. There will also be a large number of Catholics and Protestants in Hell, as well. Because they refused the Gift and denied Jesus. Are there people the world calls Christians who are actually not Christians? Absolutely. And likely the vast majority of the people the world holds up as representative of Christians are not actually Christians at all.

(What caused me to write this article? A contributor to this site who is Catholic and, I sincerely believe, Christian, made a defense of Catholicism in allusion to my own allusion to a peripheral Catholic Doctrine.)

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