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The “incredible” intellect it takes to invoke racism

Posted by Hube on 2011/06/01

Former Newsweek columnist Ellis Cose, who has a new book out on race relations titled The End of Anger, evokes the ‘ol “no sh**, Sherlock” with this incredibly “insightful” comment made on NPR:

What I argue and what I maintain is true is that the sort of societal, official condonement of explicit racism has disappeared, which is to say that even the Tea Party – which, again, appeals to an older, conservative, in many cases racially prejudiced group of people – and then again, let me be very clear. I’m not saying everybody, as far is – who’s a Tea Party supporter is a bigot. I think there are not people who are not. But I think they do appeal very fundamentally, as well, to a lot of people who are.

Now, let’s be adult here. We know that race plays a role in at least some of the attitudes that some people bring to the Tea Party. That’s not going to disappear.

Well gosh, how ’bout that — groups that oppose the Obama agenda may contain some racists! Who’da thought? Of course, the real problem is that way too many in the mainstream media attempt[ed] to portray groups like the Tea Party as predominately racist. Some may say that even one racist is one too many for a group like the Tea Party; however, how often has the MSM (or anyone else, for that matter) ever criticized a left-wing group for the very shady groups that may like what it does? Like, for instance, communists, Maoists, and anarchists that always show up at anti-war demonstrations? Would you ever see Chris Matthews grill a spokesperson about these folks affiliated with their group? Yeah, right.

This then moves to the ridiculous kindred spiritargument that “progressives” like to trot out whenever a popular (and even not-so popular) conservative movement is afoot. In other words, because some shady sub-groups or people may take part in a more mainstream organization, that somehow means the latter “shares” the formers’ values. Again, though, just don’t try to make that same argument about “progressives” and communists/Maoists/anarchists, etc.!

And what do you know — our old friend Perry, who now has his very own blogging home thanks to the generosity of conservative Dana Pico of Common Sense Political Thought, picks up on Cose’s too-easy thought processes:

Hatred of Obama: Is Race a Factor?

I definitely think it is, otherwise how does one explain the outright unabashed hatred of President Obama coming from regions and from those who have a history of racial prejudices, and coming from a popular right wing radio host who makes no bones about his hatred for Obama, and his racist outlook, both in general and specifically.

Hey, how ’bout that, everybody? Perry definitely thinks that President Obama’s race plays a factor in some people hating him! I wonder how long it took ‘ol Per to come up with that thought??

Ironically, the name of Perry’s blog is “Bridging the Gap” because he supposedly wants to, well, “bridge a gap” between competing political ideologies. But when you paint the most popular talk show host in the country as a racist based on the “information” from a long-discredited smear site, not to mention resort to revisionist history of busing in Delaware to somehow make your “point” (check here for proof of Per’s lame grasp of history), you sure ain’t gonna “bridge” too many “gaps.”

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3 Responses to “The “incredible” intellect it takes to invoke racism”

  1. Perry never met a revisionist idea he didn’t adopt nor a radical leftist position that wasn’t already his. His dishonesty and blindness won’t be bridging any gaps, neither will his lack of intellect.


  2. Dana Pico said

    Amusingly enough, the trackback from Hube’s story hit the spam queue on Perry’s site. 🙂 I found this out when I commented on the post, and my comment disappeared. Since I have administrative access — technically, I own the site, so I have to have administrative access! — I checked, and it wasn’t in the moderation queue, so I checked teh spam queue, and there were both my comment and the TBD trackback. (Hube’s Colossus site doesn’t seem to do trackbacks.) I upgraded both to the moderation queue, where Perry will certainly see them, at least eventually, but I did not release either from the moderation queue.


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