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Herman Cain and Israel

Posted by Foxfier on 2011/05/22

…I’m not seeing the big problem.

Here’s the quote, at the location I read it:

“I don’t think Israel has any problem with Palestinians’ returning,”

Don’t think like a politician, think like a normal human who didn’t know what all the baggage involved in “right of return” might be, not being familiar with the term itself.

I KNOW that Israel doesn’t have a problem with Palestinians being in Israel, and I’m guessing that they care more about “are you a freaking psycho who wants to kill us?” than “did your ancestors ever live in the area” or even “were your ancestors at any level among those who attacked our nation?”

It’s the same trick used for “are you pro-choice?” or “do you want to protect the environment?” or even “do you believe in global warming?”

Heck, I don’t even like talking about “Palestinians” as some kind of racial group— a quasi-national-regional-political one?  OK, even though it goes back to the Romans being blankers to the Jews, which isn’t really odd.

I’d guess Mr. Cain doesn’t know enough to respond “how about letting the Palestinians return to their home nations like Jordan?” or any other really cool response.

Heh, while checking to see if there was a video of the answer like I remembered, I noticed that I’m not the only one who took the answer this way.

K, watched the video.

“The Palestinian right of return” is NOT an explanation when someone responds “right of return?”
I thought the interviewer had at least said something like “the ability for those Palestinians who use to live in the land that is now Israel to return to Israel.”  Sure, the interviewer explained it a little more afterwards, and Cain reiterated that IT IS UP TO ISRAEL. Not seeing a big problem, there, if one ignores the automatic baggage.  Anybody with some unbiased brain power knows that Israel, left to her own choices, is pretty good at surviving.

I know that I’d love to see the refugee camps gone.

Real important part of his quote: “It is up to Israel to determine what they will accept.”

Of course, I’m fond of this– from the primary source, the page for the Fox News interview:

Cain was asked what he’d give the Palestinian’s in a peace deal. He replied, “Nothing. Because I’m not convinced that the Palestinians are really interested in peace… if we look at history, it has been clear that the Palestinians have always wanted to push Israelis and push Israel for more and more and more.”

Come on, folks, don’t let people spin this into a story instead of a report.

Rather annoyed that Ms. Berlinski apparently got all that from a second or third hand source that couldn’t be bothered to link to even where the video would be. (The Commentary piece was posted at 9:19AM, no time zone listed; the Fox page I linked was put up at 11:16AM ET; it looks like Commentary is Pacific, but I don’t care enough to support that solidly.)

On the off hand, I’m laughing a bit because it’s WAY smaller than Daniels’ “truce” thing, with far less polish involved… and it sure seems like a bunch of angry Daniels fans are jumping on it, though that may be a bit of bias on my part.  Only good salad bar I’ve ever had at a pizza place– let alone one aimed at families– was at a Godfather’s.
(Very late flight, my mom came to pick me up, and there was NOTHING open besides that anywhere near the motel–  it was good enough that mom even enjoyed it.)

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