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South Carolina Wants To Let You Decide

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/11

And the Washington DC Ruling Class wants to decide for you.

South Carolina Taking Light Bulb Ban into Its Own Hands (HT Protein Wisdom)

The Ruling Class Liberals in DC decided you’re not allowed to make, buy, or sell incandescent light bulbs coming soon. South Carolina is working on passing a law that will allow South Carolina firms to make and sell incandescent light bulbs within the state borders, which means people will be able to buy those light bulbs inside South Carolina after it becomes illegal in the United States. If it passes, expect immediate lawsuits coming from people who want to make your decisions for you.

The Foundry article cites the Wall Street Journal.

As a result of these and other adjustments, energy savings attributed to PG&E were pegged at 451.6 million kilowatt hours by regulators, or 73% less than the 1.7 billion kilowatt hours projected by PG&E for the 2006-2008 program.

One hitch was the compact-fluorescent burnout rate. When PG&E began its 2006-2008 program, it figured the useful life of each bulb would be 9.4 years. Now, with experience, it has cut the estimate to 6.3 years, which limits the energy savings. Field tests show higher burnout rates in certain locations, such as bathrooms and in recessed lighting. Turning them on and off a lot also appears to impair longevity.

So the energy savings wasn’t what “they” projected it to be. Imagine that “unexpected” result. And the bulbs only lasted 2/3 as long as they were projected to last. Yet another “unexpected” result. But, you see, Big Brother Ruling Class elites know better than you simpletons what’s good for you and you’re gonna like it — whether you like it or not.

The Foundry article points to another decision Big Brother made: cutting the amount of water dishwashers use. The old dishwasher used 9 gallons of water and took 84 minutes. The new one? 7 gallons of water and 120 minutes. The person estimated a water-savings of about a dime per use. I wonder how much more electricity is used to save 2 gallons of water.

Remember the Big Brother Ruling Class decision to force broadcast TV stations across the country to switch from analog to digital? And how wonderful that is? I’m here to tell you it wasn’t wonderful for me. With analog broadcast, I could pick up TV stations 100 miles away with a 10 dollar set of rabbit ears. When the mandated digital started, I couldn’t pick up stations 50 miles away unless I built a tower outside the house and put a big antenna on the tower. Which meant nobody in town could watch broadcast TV using only rabbit ears.

All these mandatory decision-thefts that Big Brother decided are good for you and illegal if you don’t abide by their decisions for you… They’re all “unexpectedly” less efficient, more expensive, more of a hindrance, and altogether nuisances. South Carolina thinks you’re adult enough to decide for yourself. Washington DC thinks you’re too irresponsible to be allowed to make your own decisions.

Liberals like to call Conservatives fascist. But it’s the Liberals who decide what you are not allowed to have in your light socket, how you are allowed to receive your broadcasts, what you have to buy. If it’s “bad for you” Liberals will find a way to outlaw it for your own good. If it’s “good for you” Liberals will find a way to mandate it for your own good. And Liberals get to be the ones who decide what’s “good” and what’s “bad.” Not you. So, who is it that’s fascist again?

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