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Those Evil Democrats Need To Quit Using Their Families As Campaign Props

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/05

It’s really sickening watching all those evil Democrats trot out their families, their young kids even, just to use them as political props. They really need to stop that cynical behavior. They’re rich enough. Can’t they leave their kids at home with the nanny? I mean seriously, look at them!

Al Gore getting slobbery

There’s Al Gore getting freaky-deaky with his wife. Get a room! And quit using your wife as a campaign prop! I mean, seriously. That’s just heartless. And wierd. And conniving.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden and families

And here we have Barack Obama and Joe Biden using their families as props. And Barack Obama has the evil audacity to use his own very young daughters in such a sleazy way! And his wife Michelle, instead of protecting her children from being abused like this as any loving mother should, aids and abets this horrific child abuse! It’s disgusting.

There’s Bill and Hillary Clinton disgracefully using their young daughter as a political prop! How downright vile of them to debase their daughter Chelsea like that!

Al Gore and his family

Look, it’s Al Gore again! And this time he’s using his entire family, children and all, as political props! It’s so over the top it’s ridiculous! Think of the damage he’s done to his family by trotting them out there in such an obviously cynical and self-aggrandizing way!

All these Democrats should be shamed into hiding. Every last one of them. How dare they use their families as props like that. No loving family would ever dream of doing such a thing. It’s sickening, and they are all in desparate need of psychological counseling.

See what I did there?

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