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Paradigm Shift: Thank Your Enemies

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/01

Throughout Israel’s history, the Israelites have suffered from repression, suppression, enslavement, and even multiple occasions of attempted genocide. And, throughout Israel’s history, those who initiated such events were instrumental in righting Israel’s ship, constituting the land of Israel, or reconstituting the land of Israel. So, in a very clear way, Israel has had her enemies to thank for her status as a nation. Yes, Israel can thank the Assyrians, the Philistines, the Persians, the Russians, the Germans for her existence.

In much the same way, American Conservatives can thank the Liberals, Progressives, Socialists for our resurgency.

Without the absolute disaster of the Carter Presidency, there would never have been a Reagan Presidency as we had. Perhaps the Berlin Wall would still be standing. The Warsaw Pact may still be in effect. Hundreds of millions of Europeans living in freedom today may still be living under Communism if not for the failures of Carter.

Bush the Elder’s “no new taxes” renege combined with Ross Perot’s siphoning off Conservative and Libertarian votes from the nominally right-leaning Bush caused the Clinton Presidency and a leftward jump in American policy. And Clinton’s big government agenda in combination with his immoral behavior and his perjury (among other things) caused the nation to almost wake up.

The Republican Machine saw the sleeping giant start to stir, so the Machine swung into action in 1994, before the giant fully awoke. The Republican Machine created a top-down “Contract with America” movement to pacify the public, and it worked, creating the largest Republican wave victory in 50 years. Then We the People rolled over and went back to sleep. And the Republican Machine and Democrat Machine slapped each other on the backs for escaping that disaster. (Can’t have the people awake and alert, can we?) So we had six years of Clinton hijacking Moderate Republican positions for his own and taking credit for Republican blood, sweat and guts.

In 2000, Bush the Younger came along and, with the help of Karl “Tokyo” Rove, sold out the Conservative base for eight years of a weak, center-right Presidency and the loss of the Majority in both Houses of Congress. The Conservative base entered a melancholy funk for those eight years, resulting in the disastrous 2008 elections and all the resultant massive world-wide damage.

In came the light-weight, empty platitude TelePrompter reader (who cannot speak contemporaneously without screwing the pooch) Barack Obama. His Alinskyite, thin-skinned, narcissistic personal attacks of practically everyone who stood against him woke a lot of people up. His leadership-free “present” Presidency, along with his and the Congress’ radical socialist agenda drove normally politics-free multitudes to protests nation-wide.

The refusal of the Democrats to listen to We the People caused We the People to rise up and drive them out of office in numbers not seen since the 1930s (since the 1860s in some parts). The refusal of the Republican Machine to listen to We the People caused many Republicans to be driven out as well. This time, the Republican Machine did not get out front. This time, the Republican Machine fought the Conservative base harder than the Machine fought the Democrats.

Had the Republican Machine actually gotten out front, perhaps the TEA Party movement could have been tamped down. But instead, the Statist Moderate talking heads chose to slap the face of the newly-awakened giant, awakening her even further and enraging her that much more. The Democrats and the media, already an enemy of the people, just kept the people’s blood racing by heaping lie upon insult upon defamatory statement against the regular people. And this time, Obama has chosen to keep up his attacks against We the People and against the Republicans, instead of trying to triangulate and co-opt parts of the Republican agenda.

Add all that together, combine it with obvious massive Liberal Media agenda-driven “news”, and add in the new news outlets of the blogosphere and internet social networking, such as FaceBook and Twitter, and suddenly the Liberal Media no longer has a monopoly on the news. The Liberal Media no longer gets to filter and sterilize the news before the people see it.

The TEA Party lives now because of its roots in the past, going back of course to America’s origins, but more currently back to Carter and his re-energizing of the Conservative base of America.

The TEA Party lives now because Statist Republicans started tearing down the country.

The TEA Party lives now because Obama and the Socialist Democrats put the country’s destruction squarely in their sights.

The TEA Party lives now because the Liberal Media’s agenda was so flagrantly foul that new media came in and did its job for it, allowing the people of this largely Conservative nation to see the truth, unfiltered by the heavily Liberal Media.

This is a huge paradigm shift that has been decades in the making. And we can directly thank our enemies for it. The Republican Machine hasn’t figured it out, the Democrats won’t figure it out, and the Liberal Media can’t figure it out. And that is, indeed, leading to skewed polling, wrong-headed speeches by all three aforementioned factions, and continued rotten news-making. Which will only serve to deepen the rift between the “country class” and the “political class” and lengthen the life-span of the Conservative movement beyond its natural life expectancy.

So yes, thank the Statists, the Liberals, the Socialists for creating the TEA Party and keeping it alive and well. The future health of our nation will owe her thanks to her domestic enemies.

UPDATE: The Australian Conservatives are thanking their Liberals as well. HT Jim Treacher

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