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Media Bias? What Media Bias?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2011/05/01

Karl over at Hot Air takes the Washington Post’s “fact-checker,” Glenn Kessler, to task in a big way. You cannot “fact-check” differences of opinion. You cannot “fact-check” estimates in exactitude. You cannot “fact-check” analytical forecasts as if they were histo-facts.* You cannot explain “how it should be” as opposed to “how it is” and call that a “fact-check.” But this is what Glenn Kessler does as he “fact-checks” Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal and statements. And Karl absolutely skewers Glenn Kessler’s hit piece.

But Karl buries my lede. And now, so have I. From Karl’s article:

Of course, the entire Democratic establishment, from Pres. Obama on down, plus most of the media did pretend ObamaCare would reduce the deficit… and many still do. If you’re wondering whether the WaPo fact-checker addressed Democrats’ claims about ObamaCare before it was passed, wonder no longer: the WaPo fact-checker blog was on hiatus from the last day of the 2008 election campaign through January 9, 2011. Apparently, when the federal government is run entirely by a supermajority of Democrats, there is no need for fact-checking.

The Washington Post didn’t bother with a “fact-checker” blog post from the day Obama got elected and both Houses of Congress had super-majorities until the day Republicans took back majority position in the House of Representatives, covering an entire 26 months. There wasn’t anything to “fact-check” because the Democrats had the run of the roost. They could pass anything they wanted without Republican help. “Fact-checking” would only get in the way.

It’s the same through the decades, dating back to the early 1960s at the very least.

When a Republican is President, we see all the starving people of the US paraded in front of us on the lamestream media broadcasts. When a Democrat is President, those starving people disappear.

When George W Bush was President, there were the daily body counts for Iraq and Afghanistan. Now Barack H Obama is President, those daily body counts have vanished.

With the Hurricane Katrina natural disaster, Bush was railed against for not making a personal appearance fast enough, not getting FEMA moving fast enough or efficiently enough (despite the need for FEMA to get Governor’s requests and cooperation in order), while ignoring a black Democrat’s statement that New Orleans needs to be more “chocolate” after the disaster. Under Obama, the Tennessee flooding, the fly-over-country huge ice storm, the Texas wild-fires have been practically ignored by Obama, with a free pass from the lamestream media. The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico got a lot of hate for “Big Oil” out of the lamestream media but Obama’s refusal to allow businesses and Gulf State Governors to take actions to prevent greater ecological disasters was wholly ignored in the lamestream media. As was the rule of law stating business liability had a federally mandated cap wholly ignored by the biased lamestream media.

Lamestream media has called the TEA Party a racist, white, violent mob despite the fact that the TEA Party has a higher percentage of minority supporters than does the Republican Party, the TEA Party has shown no signs of being violent, and a large number of racists were Left-Wing plants. Lamestream media claims that the TEA Party hurled racist insults at members of the Congressional Black Caucus are all without any evidence whatsoever — despite all the camera-phones recording the protest, some carried by members of the Congressional Black Caucus themselves, and despite a $100,000 reward for the evidence being offered up.

Lamestream media has called the anti-Walker mobs in Wisconsin “peaceful,” “law-abiding,” and “grass-roots” when in fact the opposite is true. They have issued death threats against Republicans and their supporters. They broke into and vandalized the Capitol. They bussed in large numbers of “protesters” from out of state — and not a few of those “protesters” were Union-paid. They threatened and intimidated businesses if those businesses chose not to have signs supporting the Unions. The businesses weren’t even allowed to remain neutral without having repercussions. And, yes, businesses were vandalized.

When Jared Loughner murdered a federal judge, a 9-year-old girl, several other people, and put a bullet in the head of Democrat Representative Giffords, lamestream media immediately started issuing blood libels against the TEA Party, Sarah Palin and others. The fact Loughner never paid attention to Conservative politics and was noted by his acquaintances as being more left-wing never got the lamestream media to issue a mea culpa. The fact Loughner was a loon never entered into the lamestream media’s collective brains as they sallied forth with their vitriol.

When that shooting in Huntsville, Alabama took place, killing all those professors, the lamestream media immediately looked at a racism angle and a “killer right-winger” angle because, after all, it was on a college campus, professors were killed, and some of them weren’t white, and a gun was used. When it turned out Amy Bishop was a radical Left-Winger, Harvard-educated, a professor, and a strong Obama supporter, suddenly the lamestream media grew silent about it. No mea culpa.

I could go on ad infinitum with link after link after link of incident after incident after incident. They’re everywhere. Shootings and killings where lamestream media immediately accuses the “dangerous right-wing” only to find out it was a left-winger or merely a flat-out loon, then goes silent, refusing to issue any retractions or corrections to Teh Narrative.

But there’s no real need. By now, anyone with any awareness at all will know beyond a shadow o a doubt that the lamestream media is heavily biased in favor of Liberals, in fact agenda-driven in favor of Liberals. It’s common knowledge by now.

*I coined “histo-facts,” meaning historical facts or factual history or ideas within that topical genre. Reading my material, you will from time to time see “histo-facts,” because they put the lie to many Leftists’ claims.

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