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Obama Breaks His Word Again

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/03/31

HT DRJ (and commenters)

As is known by all people with critical thinking skills, Obama’s words all have expiration dates. He has broken his word and contradicted himself on all manner of issues. And the latest? Drill, baby, drill. When he was Senator Obama, Candidate Obama, he mocked Palin’s “drill, baby, drill” as totally useless. He said he won’t do it, period, end of story.

Turn the page, and he’s saying “drill, baby, drill” (if these other people agree). I cannot believe anything other than he’s trying to hook enough Republicans (only one or two in the Senate) to get his crap and tax passed (which will further destroy the US and all liberty). Yes, he did recently suggest a “drill, baby, drill” approach after he gave his word that was off the table. That means he lied.

But that suggestion is a lie in and of itself. You see, he kicked it on down to a government agency to decide. You know, those government agencies he has been responsible for? Have you noticed the sorts of people he’s put in charge of things everywhere? So, when his sycophants decide “drill, baby, drill” ain’t gonna work, he can say “well, I tried, but they said it won’t help any.”

His announcement surely angers those extremist environmentalist nut-jobs who helped get him elected. But what are they going to do? Vote Republican? It is to laugh. He knows his own people will put the kybosh on it for him. But it’s great PR for those independents and jello-brained Republicans. He tried but he was denied.

The fringe freaks will be mad at him but they have no other place to put their votes. The sycophants will ignore his about-face as if it never happend, all the while continuing to vote the way he wants them. The politically unattuned will see this as a good step forward (and ignore the step never really happened). And he could peel off a vote or two in the Senate (and that’s all he needs) to pass crap and tax and other destructive extreme leftist measures.

There is no honor in Obama’s announcement. There is no honor in Obama’s “expiration date Word”. But he’s betting on enough people in the Senate and in the voting public to be brain-dead. Unfortunately, the odds of his bet are strong. There are too many squishy useless idiots in the Republican part of the Senate for him to make hay while destroying the US. There are also still too many “I’m not into politics at all” voters in the US. And that’s what Obama is counting on. Truth has no place in his agenda, else he couldn’t accomplish it.

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