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Government Control v Free Market

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/03/30

Here is proof the free market is more uplifting to the masses than government control.

As you can see in the night-time satellite image of Korea, South Korea is lit up and North Korea is dark. This is very strong evidence of which version of government provides greater opportunity for the masses. The image shows South Korea (the one all lit up), North Korea (the one almost totally dark), China (which has sparse, barely lit spots), Russia (which also has sparse, barely lit spots) and a few other places that my geographic (lack of) understanding doesn’t permit me to name, without further research I’m too lazy to do.

But as you can see, the democratic and free-market South Korea is orders of magnitude more affluent than Communist China (which has only recently begun a version of free-market), and formerly and soon to be Communist Russia. And those two nations with a heavy Communist impact are also nominally better than Communist North Korea (with the god-like worship of its generational leaders).

Those of you who want more government control and more “nanny state” for the good of the little people really need to examine which form of government offers the greater opportunity. This satellite image provides substantial proof your accusations of “selfish capitalists” are very inaccurate, by several orders of magnitude.

HT Watts Up With That for the satellite image.

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The Government Is Watching My Site

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/03/30

It only makes sense certain particular hits to my site are government hits. I provide information that could be dangerous to the government if the little people saw the information. I am a danger to the government’s version of utopia, so it only makes sense for the government to notice me.

Am I being paranoid? I think not. My flag counter is evidence for what I say. Who else would hit my site, if not a government official, in the Communist nation of Vietnam?

Okay, that wasn’t quite what you were expecting, obviously. But a hit from Vietnam wasn’t something I was expecting, either. I don’t know how many people in Vietnam have computers, nor do I know how many would have internet access. But I’m sure the number would only be “several dozen.” And using China’s restricted and censored internet access as an example, I can’t imagine there would be many people in Vietnam with internet access who could access a site like mine.

I know, it’s a curiosity with no real value. But it is still an intriguing curiosity, nonetheless.

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