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And Again With The Tacky

Posted by Foxfier on 2010/03/27

One of the time-passers I use when driving is the “what if?”

You take something that is– you always seem to lose only one sock of a pair, for example– and come up with out-there reasons– there’s a monster that breeds in dryer lint that eats socks– and try to argue for or against them.  (if a monster did it, why is it always only one in a pair?)

Well, I heard the news talking about how Israel announcing they’d be building new places when Biden showed up was a huge insult, I started musing on why.  Solution: Obama and co actually believe the whole “Israel is a puppet of the US” stuff, so of course the way Israel is acting like a country with its own interests is pretty insulting.

I’m starting to wonder if I wasn’t more accurate than I thought…..

Power Line reports:

Earlier this week, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visited the White House. The details of the meeting have been slow to come out, but we are now learning what transpired. The Telegraph reports that Obama opened the meeting by presenting a list of 13 demands to Netanyahu. One was a complete freeze on Jewish building in eastern Jerusalem.

When Netanyahu did not immediately agree to the demands, Obama went to eat dinner. In one account he told Netanyahu to consider “the error of his ways.” In another he said, “I’m still around. Let me know if there is anything new.”

Obama reportedly returned after an hour to repeat his demands. Because Netanyahu still did not agree, there was no joint statement or normal press coverage.

Sure sounds like someone who thinks he’s in charge.

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I Added A New Blog List

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/03/27

I previously created a list of Self-Proclaimed Right Wing Extremist™ Blogs and issued a request for membership. Any who wish to be a member of that list, feel free to request membership.

But I have today added another blog list. I have created the Race Traitors blog list. If you are not white and you are a Conservative, you are a race traitor. Democrats and Liberals have proclaimed as much on multiple occasions. Some NY Guy admitted as much, in no uncertain terms.

So, in my Self-Proclaimed Right Wing Extremist™ Blogs framework, I have decided to create the Race Traitors blog list. If you are an Uncle Tom, a House Boy, an Oreo, you qualify. In fact, you qualify if you are a Conservative and you are not white. I would like to qualify myself, but I am between 80 and 90 percent white, so I don’t qualify.

I currently have five blog sites devoted to Race Traitors: Arlenearmy’s Blog, Black & Right, La Shawn Barber’s Corner, Michelle Malkin and Wake Up Black America. If you would like to be added to the list of Race Traitors, please provide your application along with proof that you are indeed a Race Traitor.

And if you would like to be added to the list of Self-Proclaimed Right Wing Extremist™ Blogs, please provide your application.

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