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Hey Look, More Racism Accusations

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/03/25

HT Rebecca Frech

This has gotten well past old. The Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus is screaming “racism” because it can, I guess.

“Members of the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus were both shocked and disappointed at Sen. Brogdon’s comments on the Senate floor that asked whether President Barack Obama would consider forcing Oklahomans to eat fried chicken,” said a statement issued Wednesday by Rep. Jabar Shumate of Tulsa, the caucus’ chairman, on behalf of its members Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre of Tulsa and Reps. Mike Shelton and Anastasia Pittman, both of Oklahoma City. All four are Democrats.

During an Oklahoma Senate debate over the now-passed ObamaCare, Senator Brogdon asked what was next. “Are we all going to be forced to buy fried chicken?” is obviously a racist question because only black people eat fried chicken. Give me a break already. Haven’t these people ever heard the story about the boy who cried “wolf”?

Brogdon is right, their complaint is indeed sophomoric. And Senate Pro Tem Coffee is wrong in calling fried chicken a “poor choice of words.” These black caucus types need to quit looking for racism under every rock and need to quit crying wolf.

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