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ObamaCare Roll Call Vote And Call To Action

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/03/22

I am in the process of building a new page, ObamaCare Roll Call (this link and the button at the top of the page take you to the roll call vote I have on my site), creating a list of all who voted on ObamaCare, whether they voted Yes (for the abomination) or No (against the abomination). I have already added the extremely incomplete page because it needs public dissemination as quickly as possible and I’m more than a little bit slow on things.

The House of Representatives had two votes, one in November 2009 and one in March 2010, while the Senate had one vote. I currently have a full list of the 2009 “Yes” roll call and a partial list of the 2009 “No” roll call for the House of Representatives. I will be updating that roll call and adding the 2010 roll call. (I’m working with these two lists for the House votes.)

I will not add the Senate roll call because that single roll call is very simple. All Senate Republicans in office at the time voted “No” while all Senate Democrats and Independents voted “Yes.” But I intend on posting their election years.

But I would like your help. It would take a serious amount of effort to tag the State to every member of the House of Representatives, and even more effort to tag the District. I would like your help in that regard.

It is important to know where the darkness is, but it is more important to point to the light. Those who voted to tear down Freedom in this country need to be ousted so Freedom-loving people can rescind this nightmare of servitude to Government. It is not good enough to “throw the bums out” if the newly elected are “bums” as well. While I am pointing out the darkness, I very much want people to point out the light. And this is where you can help, as well.

I would like viable candidates, web sites, donation sites, etc to replace the darkness with the light. While I fully admit I will vote third-party when neither major party candidate is acceptable, third-party is not a winning strategy. It is only a punishment strategy. We need strong “limited government” candidates from within the two major parties and we need to bend the two major parties back to “limited government” stances and away from the overarching omnipotent central government stance toward which those parties have been gravitating.

Now is the time for which Providence placed you here. Stand up and be counted. (And help me to stand up and make a difference, too.)

UPDATE 0919 EDT (0819 EST): My Roll Call page is complete insofar as the House vote of Nov09 is concerned. It will take some time and effort to add the Mar10 vote. But the Nov09 “Yes” votes for intrusive government all need replaced. And I need information to help replace those intrusive-government folk with limited-government folk. Help me show forth the light on the darkness that is exposed.

UPDATE 1834 EDT: I have finished adding the Mar10 House vote to my Roll Call page.
By my count, 5 Democrats and 1 Republican voted “yes” the first time around and “no” the second time around, while 8 Democrats voted “no” the first time around and “yes” the second time around.

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