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You’re A LOSER

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/03/12

And you need to be FIRED.

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A Long-Term Scenario

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/03/12

Looking long-term (a whole two years down the road), 2012 could prove to be a very remarkable election year. Like in any athletic endeavor, it isn’t necessarily good for the players to look beyond the next game, but I’m certain the coaching staff does so behind closed doors. There are huge matters of immediate national importance on many fronts. Whether we remain a free nation or become the next soviet nation hangs in the balance. An impending national financial collapse, the likes of which the US has never seen, hangs in the balance. Even looking at the November, 2010 elections is a touch far-sighted right now with all the nation-destroying activity to be fought.

But, given all that, a look at the 2010 elections suggests massive Republican gains across the board. A look at Larry J Sabato’s Crystal Ball shows a Republican gain of 7 Governors, 7 Senators and 27 Representatives. With a 19/19 split in the Senate races (a handful are special elections), the Crystal Ball’s prognostication of a 7-seat gain suggests a defeat of inertia. A 7-seat Democrat loss would mean nearly 1/3 of all Democrat seats. That is a lot of inertia to overcome.

Of the 37 Governorships up for vote in 2010, 18 are currently Republican and 19 are currently Democrat. The Crystal Ball has Rhode Island, currently Republican, leaning Independent while predicting an overall 7-Governorship gain. Again, it shows a loss of 1/3 of Democrat offices, and again, it shows Republicans defeating the inertia.

The House of Representatives is a different animal. Unlike the balanced seats up for election in the Senate and the Statehouses, every seat in the House of Representatives is up for election. As of the end of the 2008 election, to the best of my knowledge, Democrats had 257 seats and Republicans 188. A few things have changed since then, but still, a 27-seat loss for Democrats represents barely over 1/10 of their seats while the Republicans are starting out at a markedly smaller number. Inertia does not play a role in a 27-seat shift in this instance.

With other prognosticators suggesting much heavier Republican gains, I believe the Crystal Ball would more accurately represent the bare minimum of gains. And even the Crystal Ball suggests it’s possible the Republicans could regain majority in one or both Houses after the 2010 elections. That is, indeed, important. But the Statehouse gains could be even more important.

2010, a year ending in zero, is a census year, and the census does not affect 2010. But it does affect 2011 to 2020. And many Governors have strong impacts on redistricting their states. If the Crystal Ball’s conservative estimate of a 7-Statehouse Republican gain is dead-on, that will greatly improve the Republican gerrymandering abilities and greatly reduce the Democrat gerrymandering abilities. (For the record, I hate gerrymandering and would rather have square blocks to gerrymandered districts, but that will never happen.) That alone will have a major impact on House of Representative elections in 2012.

For the sake of argument, let’s say the 2010 elections give Republicans 51 or 52 Senate seats and 220 to 225 House seats (which is a real possibility now). And let’s say the Republicans gain only 7 Governorships. After watching Obama over the past couple years and learning more about his background, I do not expect Obama to do any triangulation, such as Clinton did. Obama is too much of a narcissistic ideologue to attempt any such triangulation. And, unlike many others, I sincerely believe Obama is willing to be a one-term President so long as his goal of sovietizing the US is accomplished. This just means his fevered pitch will continue unabated, maintaining the peril.

And let’s not forget New England Republicans are generally centrists or left-leaning, such as the Maine twins. And there are multiple other Republican Senators and Representatives from other states that fall into the same category.

Given the presumption that Obama is too much of a narcissistic ideologue and there are enough squishy Republicans, the public outrage could very well continue to 2012. With redistricting, which likely will benefit Republicans despite the corrupt ACORN involvement, and with Obama’s Achilles Heel, and with weak-sauce Republicans in certain regions… with all that, 2012 could well be a watershed year for Republicans. A tipping point, as it were.

As it stands now, Democrats have 24 Senate seats up in 2012 compared to only 9 Republican Senate seats. And that could well be key. With Obama’s Achilles Heel, I expect a Republican victory for the Presidency. With redistricting being heavily impacted by Republican gains in 2010, I expect a further House gain, over and above the coat-tails. And, if the Senate moves to 51 or 52 Republican in 2010, it is possible Senate Republicans could gain a filibuster-proof majority in 2012 based on coat-tails and the overwhelming number of Democrat Senate seats up for election.

My own meager googling skill prevents me from finding the last time Republicans were filibuster-proof, but if such an event occurred, it was prior to WWII and very likely prior to the 20th Century. Mainstream Media has been very much liberally biased for the last 100 years, for all intents and purposes, and likely in actuality. This Media bias, in conjunction with the public’s dependence on MSM for all information, has had a seriously deleterious impact on the voting habits of Americans, a plurality of which consider themselves conservative.

I suspect 2012 could be the best opportunity for Republicans to gain a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, a clear majority in the House, and the Presidency. But the stars have to align properly and the eggs have to self-balance on their tips in order for that to be accomplished. And that could possibly happen.

Obama is too narcissistic and too much of an ideologue to shift from all the statist power-grabbing he is doing.
MSM, which continues to be heavily leftward-weighted, is steadily losing its importance.
Alternative media, such as blogs (of much greater readership and quality than mine, by multiple orders of magnitude), are rapidly gaining in influence.
Massive government corruption is being amplified greatly, and as a result of alternative media, is being more availably seen.
People who have never been “into politics” are waking up by the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, and are becoming active in politics to save their nation.

So, the stars could well be aligning and the eggs could well be beginning to self-balance. But that leaves the milk-toast Republicans who could easily defeat a filibuster-proof Republican majority in the Senate during a brief moment in history. Which leaves us back where we started.

We have to stop the soviet-like power-grab and destruction of a free US as we have known it. We cannot at all count on the elections of 2010 or 2012 to reverse all the destruction being attempted today. If we can stop the damage today, tomorrow looks bright. If we cannot, tomorrow looks like a weaker shade of dark.

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