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Eric Massa Flames Out

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/03/10

Everyone who is paying attention to politics knows about Eric Massa by now. And, everyone who pays attention to politics also likely knew Massa would be spending an hour on Glenn Beck’s TV show. Even in the UK, they know about Massa and about the interview. At the end of the program, Beck apologized for what he deemed was a first-time event for his TV program: wasting “an hour of your time.” And The Guardian appears to agree.

Glenn Beck’s Massa attack

Maybe it takes one to know one, but Glenn Beck wasn’t buying any of Eric Massa’s stream of gibberish last night

As a rule: an interview where Glenn Beck comes out as the sane and rational one means you’re doing it wrong.

While I will not agree with The Guardian’s position that Beck comes across as insane or irrational, it is worth noting that The Guardian considered Massa as the more insane or irrational of the two.

Earlier I asked a question and answered it myself. “So, did he leave the leftist reservation? You bet he did.” I have to retract that. Massa did not leave the leftist reservation. He was further left than what was being voted on and he voted “no” because it wasn’t far enough left. It is still possible he left the Obama reservation. And it is still possible he is being Alinskyed due to that.

At a time when Democrats rule the roost, things that Massa are alleged to have done get swept under the rug so long as the Democrat votes right. Witness Rangel, Dodd, Frank, “cold cash” Jefferson (who “got it” from a non-political justice system), etc, ad infinitum. And the speed at which Massa’s alleged impecadillos have been used against him, considering he is a Democrat, is very interesting to say the least.

I have decided Massa is, indeed, a scuzzball along the lines of Rangel, Dodd, Frank, “cold cash” Jefferson, et al. But, since he didn’t play along with the other scuzzballs, he got outed. And, like Dana, I have little use for him. Massa ducked, dodged, dived his way through an hour-long interview where he had every opportunity to set all sorts of records straight. He tried the tactic of “it depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” and failed. He groped someone but it wasn’t sexual? Are you kidding me?

Since this Massa kerfuffle broke out, I have learned more information about Massa. Back in 2007, Massa was one of the crowd of Democrats demonizing Rush Limbaugh for calling certain people “fake soldiers.”

That long video advertisement was chock full of lies and Democrat talking points and inflammatory rhetoric. Concerning Limbaugh’s “fake soldier” statement, someone went to jail. It wasn’t Limbaugh. It was the fake soldier.

Lest we forget, ladies and gentlemen, Jesse MacBeth, who was the phony soldier that I called a phony soldier. Jesse MacBeth, back in September 2007: “Man who posed as military hero sentenced to five months in prison.” This is from the Seattle Times. He was a phony soldier. I was dead right about everything I said. And now the media, in trying to lump me with Eric Massa… I mean, what are they actually trying to do here? They’re actually trying to chide me for believing something a Democrat says? Are we not supposed to believe Democrats? So I’m now associated with this kook? What is their headline here? “Massa New Conservative Media Hero?” Here’s the bottom line: I’ve done more for Eric Massa — I’ve done more to illustrate that this guy is a lunatic fringe kook in the last ten minutes — than he’s been able to do himself his entire life.

Here is that Seattle Times article. It’s a short article. And one line, among all the other highly damaging lines, stands out to me. “MacBeth spent 44 days as a private at Fort Benning, Ga., in 2003, but was released ‘for issues related to entry-level performance and conduct,’ according to court papers.” Now Massa and all the other Democrats swept that little issue under the rug, as is SOP. No need for truth when there is a dishonorable agenda to further.

I reported on another out-and-out lie the Democrats used to further their agenda and then swept under the rug when Patterico brought the truth out for the public to see. Sheila Jackson Lee planted a fake doctor, who was an Obama delegate, in her Town Hall meeting to spread a lie in furtherance of ObamaCare. But the Democrats are not distancing themselves, and have never distanced themselves as far as I know, from the Houston Democrat’s dishonorable staging of abject falsehoods in furtherance of the Democrat goals.

Massa further claimed the unions were telling him if he didn’t vote the way they wanted him to vote, they’d cease giving him campaign money and asked the rhetorical “isn’t that bribery”. I, at first, considered that to be highly likely. But I have since changed my mind. That’s what people do with their campaign contributions. They send the money to politicians who support their agenda and cut politicians off when they don’t support their agenda. That’s politics. And, that’s First Amendment free speech rights. People send money to politicians to help the politicians further speak out on issues the people want pushed. Campaign money is speech.

Massa’s problem isn’t that he’s a known entity; it’s that he forgot what the team rules were. Massa is a far-left scam artist who uses lies to further his agenda and tries to redefine “is” to escape the results of his actions. Even when he accepts responsibility for his actions, he redefines his actions to avoid that responsibility. But that is nothing new. We had a recent Democrat President convicted of suborning perjury who did the exact same thing. Massa’s problem, as I see it, is that he’s so far around the bend that he forgot to play ball with his own team. And his own team is well-known for cannibalizing their own to further their agenda.

That’s Massa’s problem. I believe it was Glenn Beck who stated my position on Massa’s value before I got more information. Massa could be described not as a quality individual whose words are unassailable but rather as a member of the “mob” who turns State’s evidence. He’s a low-life who can be used to sink other low-lifes. But, on further review, he’s really not even worth that.

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