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Welcome, Joshua

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/03/07

Below is Laura’s amazing story.

Ok so this is the story of how Joshua made it into this world…

So at 0430 on 03March I woke from a dead sleep having painful contractions, and they were coming 5 minutes apart, so when Jill got out of her swim therapy at 0800, we planned on going t the hospital. But at about 0730 they stopped coming and went back to 10 minutes apart, so no hospital would have admitted me. So it continues like this all day, 10, 15, 20 minutes apart and rather painful. So at about 1700 they started coming at 5-7 minutes again but the doc told me not to come until they were 4-5mins, so I was toughin it out on the couch. Then around 1930 Jill says my demeanor had changed and she thought we should leave for the hospital. So we packed the last minute items and left for the hospital. While I was up, active, and packing, the contractions started coming at 3-4 minutes, and they were getting stronger.

So when we get to the hospital we find out that I am 4cm dilated and fully effaced, and definitely having a baby then. But theres one little problem… They have no room for me, so I need to go to another hospital. So im thinkin the one down the street but noooo they’re full too. I learn that I am taking an ambulance 45 minutes away down te highway, and I can’t have even a tylenol until I get there. One and a half hours later the EMTs show up. By this time my contractions are 2 mins apart and are excrutiating. Since I am so far into labor, their supervisor now wants to come and clear me to ride in the ambulance bcuz he doesn’t want me to deliver on the side of the road. The hospital staff is not pleased at this, not at all, and they are trying to get them to take me without approval. Needless to say, we waited for the supervisor. He wanted me measured again, so the dr did his thing, and he said I was still 4cm. He didn’t even reach far enough to touch my cervix, trust me, if anyone would know, its me, its my cervix. But they believed him, why wouldn’t they, he’s a doctor…

So they strap me on the stretcher, wheel me over the bumps in the hall, in the elevator and down to the ER to get in the ambulance and when we get down there, they see how far into labor I am and the pain that im in and they stop us and say, lets call a bird. So that becomes the plan. They put me in the ambulance and drive to the helipad and when we get there the chopper wasn’t there yet so the EMT called the hospital to get an ETA and the chopper had to talk to their head honcho to clear me for flight bcuz of how unstable I was so it was gonna take longer than expected. So they turn around and drive BACK to the hospital, take me BACK off the ambulance, BACK into the cold, BACK over the bumps and into the hospital to wait. We get inside and the chopper said they wouldn’t take me!!! So they sai ok, get her BACK on the ambulance, were driving her.

At this point im in worse pain than I ever could have imagined. So an ER doctor comes out and says no, hell no, take her upstairs we are making room, shes staying here. So Jill has already left for the hospital and I text her, come back im staying. We go back in the elevator, back over the bumps, and back to labor and delivery. We get there and the guy is on the phone, puts his hand up and tells us to stop. At this point I am SCREAMING profanities, telling them exactly how messed up they were and how unhappy I was. The guy said take her back downstairs, the chopper is coming. (i am freakin out) so they take me back downstairs, back over the bumps, back into the cold and back up into the ambulance.
Remember, I haven’t had so much as a tylenol for pain, nothing, zero, zip, nada.

So we get to the helipad and 15 minutes later, so does the bird. Then they come in and poke at me, cause me some more excrutiating pain, then they take me over to the bird finally. And just to make my contractions THAT much worse, they set their 20lb EMT bag on my legs! Not to mention being strapped in tighter than a roller coaster. So they are putting me in the chopper and the guy tucks the blanket under my stomach(im laying on my side) and stab me with all 4 fingers on both hands in the stomach quite rough, which hurts anyway, during a contraction! We take off and im clenching the rails and tensing up and moving and anything I can do to make the pain hurt less. Oh, and by this point im getting the urge to push with each contraction.

The EMT guy grabs my arm and fights against me with all my strength to get my hand and give me another IV in midflight and midcontraction. And then the 2 EMTs are holding me down and not letting me move a muscle, which is excrutiating.
And finally we make it to the hospital and I’ve got like 15 ppl swarming around me. By now, I am screaming uncontrollably at am almost constant rate. As soon as I get into the room the nurse checks me and I am 9cm dilated! No wonder I am in so much pain! I am begging them, begging for pain meds and they tell me that im probably not going to get an epidural, its way too late for that. Then out of nowhere, this guy all dressed in green comes to me and says “hi I am mr. Soandso, im the anesthesiologist here—” and I interrupted his and said “epidural, now, please! now!” so I am so close to eady to deliver, they have to give me the epidural in midcontraction. Then I get it, and the world was at peace.

Once I morph from satan back into a human being, I realize that the nurses in this hospital are angels sent from heaven, like seriously. They are the most amazing people I have ever met, and we are just smokin and jokin and they are soooo sweet to me and completely competent (which they aren’t in military hospitals). I got here at 0015 and started pushing at about 0140. I pushed through 4 contractions and then the most beautiful baby boy in the world was on my chest.

And that is the summary of the most awful yet most wonderful experience of my life.

Photos below the fold.

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