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Pentagon Shooter Was Democrat 911 Truther With BDS And Issues

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/03/05

The dude who walked up to the Pentagon and calmly shot and injured two members of the security detail before being killed by same was a left-wing extremist with issues.

Patterico lays out J Patrick Bedell’s 911 Truther and BDS facts here and expounds on them here. You will note that Patterico links to at least two sites that are unfriendly toward the Right (MSNBC and Little Green Footballs).

Stashiu3, whose pedigree is solid, linked to a Michelle Malkin story finding out about Bedell’s voting registration.

Update: has 180 million registered voter records available online (thanks to Anne Horrigan). Thirty-six-year-old John Patrick Bedell’s voter registration records in Hollister, CA are available for any journalist before he/she goes off and labels him a “right-wing extremist.”

Guess which party he registered under in 2005 and was actively registered under as of 2008?


EMID 15324137
PrefixTitle MR
REGDATE 20051006
PARTY Democrat
ResAddr1,ResAddr2,ResCity,ResState,ResZip 110 Georges Dr Hollister,CA

Stop playing games, MSM.

And an hour or so ago, I found out from FOX News Radio that his parents reported him “missing” to the county sheriff and warned he could be dangerous as he had a history of mental illness. (Sorry, no link to that, but would love to have it if you got it.)

So I agree. Lamestream media needs to stop calling him a right-wing extremist. Lamestream media needs to stop trying to tie him to the TEA Party. He was Left-wing. He was a registered Democrat. He had major BDS. He was a 911 Truther. And he had a history of mental illness. Nothing right-wing about that.

Three related preemptory statements:

1) For those who want to rail against my pointing out Bedell was Left-Wing, tell me why lamestream media tries to tie all these people to “Right-Wing extremism” and the TEA Party movement, including the leftist Bedell and the Marxist Stack?

2) For those who want to tie Bedell’s anti-tax statements to the TEA Party movement and “Right-Wing extremism,” note two things:

A) From Bedell’s manifesto: “Such an organization, having seized control of the United States government, would derive enormous power from the taxes extracted from the wealthiest society in the history of the world. Such an organization would be able to manage present objections to its corruption with lavish promises of future benefits in a form of generalized bribery. Such an organization, which would necessarily have great financial sophistication, would be able to use the credit of the United States government to issue trillions of dollars of debt to fund its corrupt activities and neutralize objections to its illegitimacy and in so doing, burden the responsible citizens among its victims with crushing financial obligations.”

(Understand, Bedell called the US Government “usurpers” from 1963 (before he was born) onward and claimed Bush was a piece of a criminal group that controlled the US Government.)

B) Dave Surls quoted wiki, a source Liberals love to use, thusly:

“Karl Marx, via his newspaper, the Neue Rheinische Zeitung, published this decree, adding: “From today, therefore, taxes are abolished! It is high treason to pay taxes. Refusal to pay taxes is the primary duty of the citizen!”[81] Marx was later prosecuted for promoting tax resistance, but was acquitted after arguing that it was not illegal to promote tax resistance against an illegal government.”

3) For those calling for stricter gun laws in light of this event, do note that there are already laws on the books that prevent people with certain mental illnesses from owning or possessing guns. And, judging by what his parents told the sheriff, Bedell qualified as one with at least one of those mental illnesses. So there are already laws on the books precluding the likes of Bedell from owning a fire-arm.

Yes, he was a Leftist, like the majority of Congress and the lamestream media and the current President.
Yes, he had a major case of BDS, like the majority of Congress and the lamestream media and the current President.
Yes, he was a 911 Truther, like 36 percent of the Democrat party (if I remember my numbers correctly).
Yes, his views were very tied to Marxism.
But, no, I do not blame those who are in those above groups for this insane person (other than “You right-wing extremist radio talkers need to quit inciting the mentally ill to violence”).

This guy was a loose cannon, due to his mental illness. And he found a way to “go off” against the “usurpers.” His mental illness and his hatred for everything “Bush” was enough to send him over the edge.

3 Responses to “Pentagon Shooter Was Democrat 911 Truther With BDS And Issues”

  1. […] was enough to send him over the edge. _______________________________ Cross Posted on Truth Before Dishonor Category: Conspiracies, Crime and Punishment, Culture and Society, Media Bias, Personal […]


  2. he was actually extreme right-wing following the principles of anarcho-capitalism and neo-libertarianism (neo-classical economics) of ludwig von mises, which is the far-right neo-classical opposition to neo-liberalism, keynes, and neo-conservatism.

    there are libertarians who are moderates or left-wing, which more follow the tradition of classical progressive economics of the founding fathers.

    9/11 truth falls in neither category and crosses many spectrums and groups.

    [Released from moderation (dunno what word caught it) — JH]


  3. i should also add mises, keynes, and marx are the false left-right paradigm of neo-classical economics. there are some crossovers as any two economists will have some crossover. mises misleads the far-right and marx misleads the far-left, while keynes misleads the center with arbitary moderation.

    technically, bedell was the far right in terms of economic philosophy. the far right of course has problems with the moderates on the right, that is why they are to the far right.

    [Released from moderation (dunno what word caught it) — JH]


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