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Andy Stern’s “Persuasion Of Power”

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/03/04

SEIU is at it again, using violence to make their point.


Obama to Stern: Your agenda is my agenda.

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Happy Birthday To Joshua Alexander

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/03/04

Born at 0155 4MAR10 5lbs 8oz 18 inches long.
(from text message from Laura)

Looks like he had a sudden late partial name change.

Laura has promised an email with the long story and a couple pics. It has to do with a chopper. Maybe the pics will show the chopper.

UPDATE: Laura said she will send me the email after she finishes feeding Joshua (she’s still in the hospital). I told her I hope he has strong jaw muscles and no regard for others, to which she laughed heartily and said that he does indeed have barracuda mouth.

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