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Islam Created US, Canada And Mexico

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/02/28

Everyone who enjoys life as a North American can thank Islam. It is a direct result of Islam that the United States, Canada, Mexico and a great many other countries were founded. Yes, you heard me right. And here you thought that the “New World” was discovered in an attempt to find a quicker, safer route to trade with China and India, which caused the founding of all these countries. Well, you’re right about that, too. But if you’re like me, you never considered Islam to be a catalyst of any sort.

I learned something today. And, as an educator at heart, I want to spread my learning. Islam was the primary catalyst in the discovery of the “New World.” I’m sure that, like me, you learned that Columbus set out to find a quicker, safer ocean-route to China and India than the dangerous route around the Horn of Africa. And you probably learned the route around the Horn of Africa was an alternative to the overland routes. Possibly even a quicker route with fewer hardships.

UPDATE: eliminate all references to “Horn of Africa” and replace with “Cape of Good Hope” (thanks, Jeff)

Looking at a clickable world map, I have to believe the quickest and safest way to trade with India and China during the 15th and 16th centuries would’ve been to dock ships in Constantinople, on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, on the eastern shore of the Black Sea and trade with the overland caravans. So, why was the Horn of Africa chosen as an alternate route? Was it to bypass the middle man? I don’t believe so. Was it to avoid the travails of terrain and climate for the remaining overland route? Again, I don’t believe so. Especially if Britain was trading with another country that went through the effort of going the overland route. So, why take the very dangerous route around the Horn of Africa when a much safer route was available? Because that much safer route did not exist. It existed for centuries but it ceased to exist, so a new route for trade had to be created. Thus the very dangerous route around the Horn of Africa.

And the very dangerous route around the Horn of Africa (and the length of time involved) was the catalyst in finding a new, trans-global route which people like Columbus believed to be shorter and likely safer. But, so far, I have not added any new knowledge to what I already learned in all my History classes. Except I introduced a sudden loss of a Mediterranean-overland trading route to the mix. And that route loss was the catalyst for finding new routes.

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