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We’ll Close Our Parks Before We Let You Run Them

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/02/24

How many of you have had more than one kid? How many of you used to be kids and had siblings? How many of you have seen the “share it or lose it” ultimatum played out as it relates to you, your kids or kids around you? My cousin went through that experience as a kid. And he chose the wrong option. Do you remember those crazy straws? The ones that were a mile long but twisted into all sorts of crazy loops before your beverage ever got to your mouth? Well, my cousin had two of them and his sister had none. His mother told him “You can give one to your sister or you can throw it away.” He threw it away rather than give it to his sister. (My father fished it out of the garbage can and gave it to my cousin’s sister.)

This is exactly what some state governments are doing. They are choosing to shut down state parks they cannot afford to run rather than let a for-profit business come in and run them. So, what’s the deal?

This guy will charge less than the state does for people coming in and parking their vehicles. He will pay the state. And he will make a profit. And he does not get a dime in subsidies (that’s tax money) at any level. So, what gives?

The state uses state workers to run its state parks. This guy does not use state workers to run the parks he’s contracted to run. This guy pays retirees minimum wage and gives them free camping for their work. It appears to me that this may be a major problem. The state cannot let someone hire minimum-wage (plus free camping) seniors take state union jobs away from state union employees. So the state shuts down the park and terminates the state union employees instead of leaving the park open for the public.

Just like my cousin and the crazy-straw, if the state and its unions can’t have it, nobody can. The state will take it away from absolutely everyone (terminating state jobs) before it will allow some private enterprise to run it and keep it open for everyone (terminating state jobs). Arrogant, childish fools, the states who shut down parks with a wholly viable option in front of them. They’re cutting off their noses to spite their faces, all to prevent a private for-profit enterprise from getting rid of state union employees (the state terminates) and running the parks at a lower cost and for profit. They’re telling the public “You can’t come here anymore because we can’t run it anymore and we’ll be darned if we let someone else pay us to run it without our people.”

So who is this guy who is running many federal parks, many state parks, many other parks who is trying to run Arizona state parks, but is fighting the state version of my cousin in his childhood? He is the owner of Climate Skeptic, which I read from time to time. He is the owner of Coyote Blog, which I read (thanks to Foxfier) on a more regular basis. He is the owner of Park Privatization. And I’m sure he owns other stuff.

He also recently had an interview on TV with Glenn Beck (part of which I watched from his site).

I am reminded of an old proverb: If you want to get a job done, ask a busy man to do it. This fits him very well. He’s a very busy man and he gets a lot done. Contrast that with the various federal, state, local government agencies, who are acting like my cousin when he was a child. He does more with less, makes a profit, keeps the general public happy, provides income and a place for the nomadic winebago retirees, gives those retirees a reason to keep on keeping on, asks for no money from the government hand-out clan and various government entities would rather shut down their parks and tell the public “you cannot come here” than let him pay them to run their parks for them.

And statists think the government can do things cheaper. And statists think for-profit is evil. And statists think the government is your friend. Bah!

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