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Tackling The US Constitution

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/02/21

For quite some time I’ve wanted to do a series deconstructing the US Constitution. It has been my desire to take each and every segment of the US Constitution and examine it and report my findings on it. I believe a vast majority of Americans have no understanding of the underlying contract (and it is, indeed, a contract) for their own nation.

Since procrastinators point at me to prove they aren’t, I’m not entirely certain I can actually accomplish this goal. But, since I work best when I’m depended on to produce, I figured I’d start a fire under my own backside and see how many others add to that fire.

But I want you to contribute to my work.

I’m looking for input from people as I work on this project. I want to build an email list of people for me to contact for input on each proceeding piece of the Constitution I wish to put under the microscope. I will not give out my email address for public dissemination because I don’t want to open myself up to spam or computer diseases, but if you respond with a real (will not be publicized) email address in your profile, I will be able to contact you. Understand, I will use CC and not BCC to contact everyone on the list. Unless someone steps up and offers to be the main recipient so everyone else can be BCC. (Inclusion in this group will be based on my own version of trust-factor, which may or may not include various previously unknown contributors.)

Understand I view the Constitution to be absolutely absolute. I also approach the Constitution from a historically Federalist and individual-empowered position and not a statist position. I am a Conservative (not Libertarian, although the two are conjoined in many aspects) and will definitely approach this from a Conservative angle. But that does not preclude a Liberal perspective.

In this endeavor, I’d like Conservative, Libertarian, and Liberal perspectives. I’d also like perspectives from everyone from high school drop-out to PhD. I’m calling for those who wish to add their opinions and links supporting those opinions to my research. That kinda means you do the research work and I combine your research and opinions into my own article.

Here’s my plan in a nutshell:

1) I provide you with a segment of the Constitution (with a link to the Constitution provided from my TBD sidebar)
2) I give you 2 days to reply with your opinion and documentation backing it up
3) I write the article 2 days later, using what I want and discarding the rest
4) I give credit to the whole group as contributors to the research (I would need a name for the group)
5) I will post this on TBD and CSPT

Understand I am not a Constitutional Lawyer. I am not a Lawyer, nor am I a Historian. I’m not even a college graduate. But I do have a very strong interest in history and facts (which create truth). My opinion will be my opinion, but I hope to be able to mine the knowledge of others to create this series of articles. And I hope enough are interested in this to cause me to have that “depended on” mindset.

So what say you? Are you in or out? Are you interested or no? Please respond with:
1) I’m interested and want to contribute
2) I’m interested but I won’t be contributing
3) I’m not interested

This will make it easier for me to understand the response. And I’ll wait for roughly one week to judge the interest before I decide whether to fly or bury.

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