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We Vote For Our Commander In Chief

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/02/18

Every member of the US military who is a US citizen (and there are some who aren’t) and 18 years of age (and there are some who aren’t) has the right to vote in the Presidential Election. That means, they vote on who their next Supreme Commander will be. Like the vast majority of American civilians, those in the military want what’s best for the country. But unlike the vast majority of civilians, those in the military also know their votes could get them killed.

Those in the military want what’s best for the country. They want to be safe. And they want to live. But they will also risk their own lives, sacrificing themselves for what’s best. And how do those in the military who vote actually vote? By and large, they vote Republican.

Democrats claim they want peace and safety but the very ones charged with providing that peace and safety vote Republican. Democrats claim Republicans want to go to war for financial gain, but the very ones who would be killed in such a war vote Republican.

If you talk to a Marine or lesser, a Sailor (hi, foxfier), a Soldier (love ya, Laura and hi, SPC Pico and PVT Pico), or an Airman, you will hear that they aren’t there to die so someone else can get rich. They are there to protect America and our way of life. They have all sworn to uphold the Constitution, every last one of them. And, by and large, they vote Republican and not Democrat.

Of course, Democrats have tried to quash their votes. Almost every person in the military who votes does so through abentee ballots. They aren’t in their home districts. The Florida kerfuffle over absentee ballots and date-stamped envelopes was a Democrat ploy to prevent the military vote from being counted. Overseas and on-the-seas military get free snail-mail. Oftentimes it is not date-stamped. Such an obviously barely-veiled ploy by Democrats to invalidate military voting.

Bill White, who was running for Houston mayor at the time, tried another tactic. He wanted to force military voters to declare where they planned to live after they got out of the military in order to allow them to vote in Texas. This was another underhanded ploy by a Democrat. If the Houstonian who wore a uniform didn’t know where he or she planned to live 20 years down the road were to be given that ultimatum just to be able to vote, that Houstonian would be denied his or her right to vote unless that Houstonian violated the honor code and lied. Or, if that Houstonian planned on living in Houston and later changed his or her mind, that Houstonian could be charged with vote fraud, a felony, and go to prison because he or she chose not to live in Houston (or the specific district in Houston or something). This was a clearly partisan maneuver by a Democrat who was attempting to strip voting rights from military personnel because military personnel vote heavily Republican. There was no other reason for it.

Okay, I ran off on a tangent there.

Democrats claim to be the party of peace and claim Republicans to be the blood-thirsty party of war, but the military personnel vote Republican. Democrats howled about Reagan, like he was going to cause WWIII with his rhetoric and his willingness to use military force. Democrats have howled at every Republican, in fact, claiming Republicans didn’t care about those in the military (while it is the left who have shown the greatest disrespect to those in uniform) and yet those in the military vote Republican. Obviously, there’s a reason.

A show of overwhelming force combined with a willingness to use overwhelming force and the occasional use of that force is the surest guarantee to an overall peace. An attempt to placate and appease a militaristic foe only leads to unnecessary bloodshed and danger. (Prime Minister Chamberlain’s peace in our time, which needlessly slaughtered one or two Czechs, among one or two other folk.) The military get this. They know their votes could cost their lives. And they value honor. They don’t leave their honor outside the voting booth. And they (absentee) vote overwhelmingly Republican.

The opinions of those putting their lives on the line should count a little bit more than the opinion of, I don’t know, some woman sitting in her recliner on the coast of Washington state, who has never worn a military uniform, don’t you think?

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