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Evan Bayh To Retire

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/02/15

In what could well be considered shocking news, Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) is reportedly going to announce his retirement. According to ABC,

ABC News’ Rick Klein and Jonathan Karl report: Sen. Evan Bayh will announce today that he’s not seeking another Senate term — handing Republicans a huge opportunity to pick up another Senate seat in 2010.

Bayh, D-Ind., plans to announce his decision at a news conference this afternoon in Indianapolis, according to two Democratic officials familiar with his plans.

It’s surprising to me because the Crystal Ball I reported on previously, which prognosticates a 7 seat Republican gain in the senate, called Bayh’s seat Likely Democrat and Democrat Hold. I have heard that Bayh is considered a moderate Democrat. With Indiana being a relatively Republican-friendly state, Bayh’s departure could swing the prognostication to Leans Republican and a possible unexpected Republican pick-up.


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  2. Levi the Oracle says: It would not surprise me if Bayh kept the money he fraudulently raised. It is the way hes on TV giving interviews the label under his traitorous mug will be: Evan Bayh


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