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Leftist Elitist Pig Gets The Vapors

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/02/08

Are you a drunk? Do you own a gun? Did you drop out of school? Then, obviously you’re a Palin fan. Don’t take my word for it. Just listen to this leftist elitist pig:

The first question that comes to mind is how many empties of moonshine does one have to return to accumulate $1,100?
I wasn’t even aware they had recycling projects in the banjo-pickin’, cousin-marryin’, less learnin’-more earnin’ areas of the country from which Mrs. Palin supporters hail.
While I suppose we should all take comfort the $1,100 spent on the conference admission will reduce attendees’ ammo budget for the next few months, liberals are not the only ones who should be terrified by the idea of President Palin. All bipeds without feathers should be terrified of the notion of that arrogant know-nothing with access to the nuclear codes.
Nothing would ensure the reelection of President Obama than running against Mrs. Palin as the GOP candidate which is why it will never happen. But we can dream…

As Rick at Wizbang points out:

Let’s ignore the fact that Robert can’t seem to correctly reference the story he cites as to the convention’s admission price (it was $349 and not $1,100). Let’s instead hope that he and other liberals continue to make light not only of Palin’s abilities but of those who find her striking a chord.

It will make this November (and November in 2012) that much sweeter.

Keep pushing that idiotic elitist meme, leftists. Please, keep pushing that meme. Nothing works so well as to tell half the nation “I are smart and you is dumb.” I mean, to paint whole swaths of the country as incestuous? To claim whole regions reject recycling? To full-on hate the Second Amendment like that? If that’s your winning hand, play it for all it’s worth.

But if I had a hand like that, I’d call it a foot. Just sayin’.

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