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And Now, A Musical Interlude

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/02/05

I am very much all over the map in topics I want to discuss but they all take lots of research and multiple links and all sorts of other things. I want to talk about Social Security, Tough Love, Taxation, Deficit Spending (enter Cloward-Piven), and many more things, but that takes a lot of time, effort and work. And procrastinators point at me as proof they don’t put things off.

So I decided to do a musical interlude (which will likely put you to sleep, due to my taste in music).

Thinking about how Obama has promised the moon (Jimmy Stewart reference) and delivered the finger, along with many faux pas on which the mainstream media gives him a pass but regular people who hear about it don’t, I thought of my favorite pop-rock band.

(This was before they became famous.)

Thinking about all the unconstitutional power-grabbing and unconstitutional czars swirling around Obama and his henchment, I thought of this song.

Thinking about the dire straits we’re in with all the government overreach into every aspect of our lives and the outcry of the small voices of regular people in concert, I thought of this happy song about a different sad and desperate situation.

Speaking of Dire Straits, we have a song about Class Envy.

(Need I mention all the anti-PC stuff in that song?)

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