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Obama’s “Spending Freeze” In Perspective

Posted by Foxfier on 2010/02/01

President Barack Obama’s detailed 2010 budget plan, due out Thursday, will propose to eliminate or consolidate 121 domestic and defense programs to save $17 billion, administration officials said Wednesday.

Now, the WSJ points out this is about .5% of this year’s increases, and half of that is military cuts, but this is a much better yardstick:

They’re spending 0.22 billion this year on new planes for the “senior gov’t officials” to fly around in.  That’s not all–Pelosi, for example, averages over a million a year in flight expenses all by her self.  (Well, with her family and friends– why, exactly, are we buying booze for these guys?  Wish the Navy had bought me drinks when I was serving… of course, I had to fly commercial for everything but going from port to ship, too.)

Maybe Obama could cut down to an average of one party a week?

How about putting the Congress Critters on Tricare?  I really like that idea– offer one insurance system for all Federal employees.  Maybe with an option for actively serving gov’t officials to use military doctors…. (Trust me, once they go to a military dentist, they’re unlikely to go back!)

Maybe work on some Congressional staffer cuts?  Give each office-holder a budget and tell ’em to go for it might work….

I really like the idea of removing the Federal Department of Education– do we really need to be giving FEDERAL LOANS when we’re already strapped for cash?  I mean, really?  Both of my parents managed to go through college without loans, Elf and I haven’t taken Federal loans…. Come to that, why do we call them loans when they’re not even designed to be repaid by the person who takes them out?

Slowly removing Federal involvement in agriculture and…oh, shoot, just go through this and ask yourself: do we really need a federal agency for that? (I say slowly because there’s nothing that sets stuff up for failure as well as trying to correct things instantly; when you’re trying to train a tree, you bend it, you don’t snap branches off.)

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