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Everybody Is A Prostitute

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/01/23

What’s your price? Would you be sexually involved with a person of your preferred gender, someone you didn’t know, someone you would never see again under any circumstances, if nobody else would ever know, if it was only fifteen minutes of your life, on the condition you received one billion dollars tax-free?

If you would do that under those circumstances, you are indeed a prostitute. What is left is to negotiate the price.

The same can be stated for political, societal, personal, religious, or any other frameworks. If you’ll do it provided your gain is high enough, you’re a prostitute. Only the price is important. And all relativists are prostitutes. Every single last one of them.

I am not a prostitute. What I gain is irrelevant to Truth. The ends does not justify the means (and SEER training is not torture, just so you know). And Truth is an absolute, not to be sold like a mess of pottage for your birthright.

One Response to “Everybody Is A Prostitute”

  1. foxfier said

    There’s that old joke that goes around… I think Winston Churchill is the one it’s usually told as. He’s by a very lovely lady at a dinner, and somehow prostitution comes up, and he asks if she would sleep with him for a million dollars. She says of course she would. He then offers her a hundred, and she’s offended, asking what kind of woman he thinks she is; he replies they’ve already established that, now they’re working on price.


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