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I Hate My Cell Phone Service

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2010/01/19

I pay for every minute I use on my cell phone. When I hang up and look at the time used and see 1:05 used, I know I just paid for 2 minutes. (Maybe not, but let me know what I know anyway.) It isn’t fair that I have to pay for time I didn’t actually use. The cell phone service providers are huge cheats. (Ignore the fact I have a pre-paid cell phone and if I don’t actually use it, I can get away with phone service for 2 months for a mere 10 dollars every 2 months.) (And ignore the fact I don’t usually make phone calls and I almost never receive phone calls since I talk to my daughter online and I have no life.) It’s just not fair that I have to pay for 2 minutes on the phone when I used only 65 seconds!

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