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The Art Of The Painless Coup

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/25

The Anchoress writes a strong article (yes, that is redundant) in which she doesn’t just curse the darkness but she turns on a light. You link-surfers out there need to wax your best boards because she provides big surf in this one. I get the feeling anything I might say to add to what she said will only detract from what she said. So I’m providing an excerpt from her article in the hopes that it will entice you to read the whole thing, and to go surfing.

Over the past 40 years these hyperactive First Children have been pulling off small scale coups with varying levels of success. They managed to deconstruct the academies, so that education is less a broadening of knowledge than a narrowing of perspective. They have deconstructed the liturgy to insist that a pantomime in clownface is a vast improvement over 2000 year-old sacrament and liturgy. They have deconstructed government by constructing something so huge and unwieldy that nothing coming out of it is reliable or dependable, and almost no one is accountable, either. They have deconstructed the press to the point where the truth of a story is less important than how it may be framed and spun. They have deconstructed the idea of fascism to mean “those democracies in Israel and America” rather than the freedom-suppressing regimes which surround them.

And all the while they have been busily pulling things apart, they have kept the rest of the family distracted with the television, with the radio, with the cinema – any or all of which have instantly been called into service whenever someone got a little bored and looked around, wondering what these kids were up to. “Abortion?” said Aunt Sally, “Abortion is a terrible thing!” Suddenly every news story is about the grim circumstance of illegal abortion. Suddenly sitcoms are showing the way. “Well, if Maude had an abortion…maybe sometimes it’s a good thing…”

“Free love,” sputtered Uncle Jim, “it’s immoral! It’s damaging to the family!” Suddenly every film hero or heroine is having free, uncomplicated, undamaging sex, and flashing some gratuitous T and A at Uncle Jim in the process. “I dunno,” he smiles to Aunt Sally as he settles back, “maybe it’s not all that bad…”

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My Favorite Line From Juno

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/25

Bren, you’se a [expletive censored]! I love it!

Overall, I strongly approve this movie despite its non-Christian perspective because it is accidentally Pro-Life. For those who have never seen the movie, it is a “bird-and-the-bees” “oops” movie regarding a high school junior and her life as a prego chick.

Yes, there is a lot of coarse language. Yes, the entire movie is inappropriate for the younger ones. Yes, a deleted scene is actually anti-Christian in that it directly ties a Christian to wholly evil stereotypes. But, yes, I strongly suggest every adult who can “consider the source” to watch the movie.

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Lights Of The Season, Part XIV

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/25

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