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Republicans Come In First… Or Third

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/23

Rasmussen Reports shows a generic Republican will beat a generic Democrat if elections are held today. The spread is larger than any time this year. That’s the good news for Republican congressmen and senators. And that’s good news for the country. The bad news for Republican congressmen and senators, which is even more good news for the country, is when a generic Tea Party candidate is thrown into the mix. While the generic Democrat maintains a 36 percent position, the generic Republican falls from 44 to 18 percent while the generic Tea Party candidate garners 23 percent of the poll.

This is very important for the “governing classes” to see. As I reported previously, the Republican base says, overwhelmingly, that the GOP “governing class” is out of touch with and more liberal than the base. This Rasmussen poll points that out yet again. Gallup shows 40 percent of the population self-describes as conservative and only 20 percent self-describes as liberal.

If the Republican “governing class” want a much stronger success, they will actually get back in touch with the base and become much more conservative, returning to small government, small spending, low taxation, strong national defense positions. That is where the plurality of the people are and that is the winning hand.

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