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Protein Wisdom, Kill The Dishonesty

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/20

Attention Protein Wisdom: You have an idiot in your midst who threatens violent felony assault and battery against his intellectual foes. You have an idiot in your midst who intentionally misrepresents the positions of his intellectual foes. You have an idiot in your midst who intentionally alters comments his intellectual foes make on your site. If you have any semblence of propriety, any semblence of moral character, any semblence of integrity, you will throw Jeff Goldstein out on his ear and linguistically trample him.

If not, consider yourselves of the same ilk as “Sadly, No!”


10 Responses to “Protein Wisdom, Kill The Dishonesty”

  1. And I have completely eliminated Protein Wisdom from my side-bar due to the violence-loving dishonesty-loving JeffyG and all his enablers.


  2. serr8d said

    You fell for and believe the line of crap put out by John Patrick Frey, John Hitchcock?

    [expletive censored], [expletive censored]. Seriously.

    [Read my “About” next time — JH]


  3. Get the picture, folks?


  4. serr8d said

    Talk to yourself, John Hitchcock. You’re best at draping yourself with a flag and self-congratulating.

    I am a conservative christian, and you make me sick.


  5. Nice redirect, Serr8d. (Not really.) My “about” says, very clearly, keep it clean. Do note the censored parts of your previous comment ran afoul of that rule. And since when does someone who very clearly understands capitalization rules in sentence structure and claims to be a Christian choose not to capitalize that?

    You very clearly used the f-bomb JeffyG used and in the very same fashion, as if that made you superior or something. It does not. And I am very serious about keeping it clean. That’s why people who use my last name in a respectful manner still find themselves in moderation until I get around to finding their comments. There is a list of words you cannot use and be published immediately here. And, like I said, I reserve the right to edit, as I did your previous comment. But unlike those at PW, my edits are obvious and notated. You cannot say the same for PW with any semblance of honesty, can you?

    UPDATE x3, HOPEFULLY FINAL UPDATE: Goldstein has now admitted changing around 270 links in almost 40 comments I made at his site. He admits doing this without any notice that the links had been changed.

    What he doesn’t admit — but which is also true — is that he also changed the wording of several of my comments over there. For example, he added language to comments I left on posts written by Darleen Click and Dan Collins that makes it look like I criticized them as violent. I did not include that language; it was added by Goldstein, and it makes my comments look nonsensical. And again, there is no notice that the comments have been changed.

    (He also has one of his minions trying to draw a false moral equivalence between his alteration of comments without notice, and a couple of instances where I changed comments with bracketed explanations, coupled with other examples that are even more misleading than that. The minion’s case appears compelling only until you click the links, at which point it falls apart and is revealed to be a dishonest smokescreen.)

    More random evidence of widespread comment-altering without notice at Protein Wisdom: this comment was altered without notice, as caught by commenters here and here; alterations threatened by a
    guest poster; an admission of over 100 alterations by Pub poster dicentra; and a commenter telling Goldstein that he disagrees with Goldstein’s practice of changing comments:

    Which is why I’ve decided that the whole changing comments thing is such a bad idea. Not fisking them. Not adding snarky comments in brackets. But just flat out changing comments. Because if comments are what are causing the damage, then an accurate record is what is so necessary. Because if comments started getting changed, then anyone anywhere is vulnerable to being accused of something they didn’t do.

    Now I think that you disagree with me on this. About the whole changing comments. Fair enough. On an earlier post I said that changing comments meant that we wouldn’t really be able to tell who was slandering and libeling people when it actually went to court.

    And you responded that yes, the comments might be changed, but you kept a permanant record of the original on some sort of … internet tech…comment recording thingy. Which is good, but damages come from a public viewing of false facts, not a private one.

    And it’s in the public verson of the comments where Goldstein’s alterations are not made clear to readers.

    Which is why you can’t trust anything written at his site. Which is why I intend never to speak about it again. It is an utterly worthless site that has become nothing but the plaything of the site host, to fool the world about what you said by altering it without notice.

    A site with so little integrity is not worth my time, or yours, and I’m sorry I wasted so much time writing about it in recent days. That ends, now.


  6. serr8d said

    Pat doesn’t mean it, what he says there. If he did mean what he said, he’d close the comments on that post.

    Instead, he leaves the field to those most favorable to his positions. It’s gamesmanship: he can’t win on his own (as evidenced by his final, spamming attacks on pw, quickly and succinctly repulsed by Jeff Goldstein…Frye wishes he had that capability!) so he leaves the pawns, nk and the daleyrocks, to keep alive his faltering attacks.

    No, he can’t win this encounter. He should never have started with his attacks. He’s scared now, knowing that the g00gle monster will expose his faults to whoever cares to search. He should have use forethought. Drink takes that away, doesn’t it?

    (Oh, do you actually buy the “Leo Tolstoy” line of reasoning he puts forth? That was his sockpuppet. He was drunk, hammered out of his mind, and posting gibberish. How would you feel if “Leo Tolstoy” published a couple chapters of Anna Karina here? Would you any drunk posting gibberish to publish his comments here?)

    I’m a christian with a small ‘c’; being backslid just a bit. But I support your rights to be a Christian, and would fight to the death for your rights to believe as you do. I just couldn’t continue in the Church of Christ doctrine I was raised in (believing that anyone and every one not Church of Christ was summarily doomed to torment) so I fell away. But I’m still a believer. Judge not, brother.


  7. serr8d said

    “allow” was supposed to be in there somewhere.

    Don’t hate. )


  8. Here’s a thought, Serr8d. How about you honor Patterico’s decision to blog under the moniker Patterico by calling him Patterico? I mean, I’m not sure you’d want everyone throwing your full name and job and address around the net willy-nilly. Yes, it’s obvious Patterico is more public than most people on the net. Doesn’t give you the right to diss him more than you would allow against yourself, now does it? Feel free to mangle his moniker as I do other people (without crossing my “clean” line) but have the respect to leave his actual name out of discussions where he does not put his actual name in.

    And as far as Patterico losing any debate, I don’t see it that way since he has facts and admissions on his side.


  9. serr8d said

    OK, John Hitchcock, let’s look at your own hateful, spiteful, contemptous words:

    Attention Protein Wisdom: You have an idiot in your midst who threatens violent felony assault and battery against his intellectual foes. You have an idiot in your midst who intentionally misrepresents the positions of his intellectual foes. You have an idiot in your midst who intentionally alters comments his intellectual foes make on your site.

    You throw slurs around just fine, using full names, against your betters. You have to answer for that.

    How would you like to be put on trial? Seems there’s a threat level involved there, eh?

    And why hasn’t “Pat” closed that thread? Still hoping for nk and daleyrocks to stir some more smell?

    “Pat” isn’t done yet. A box of wine, he’ll be back over at pw spamming and trolling. We have to make sure he knows there’ll be a high level of discomfort as a result of his future incursions. And there will be, assuredly so.

    Let’s hope you saner peeps can keep him in check.

    Has Karl spoken to him of his bad behavior? Seems Karl is keeping quiet. Why is that?

    I’ll tell you why. “Pat” doesn’t have a leg to stand on, legal or moral. He lost the moral high ground by spamming pw and Little Miss Atilla’s threads. He lost the high ground by dragging RS McCain through a mud puddle, just to bait Jeff Goldstein. He’s looking out of a hole right not, uncomfortable, wondering how to recover.

    First step, “Pat”? Close that thread. Shut the door. Keep your kids nk and daleyrocks shut down.

    And stay out of the boxed wines~!


  10. serr8d said

    You might enjoy this Twitter search…


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