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Don’t Have Standards?

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/19

You’re probably a liberal.

Foxfier pointed to this article in her statement that if you have standards, you’re probably a conservative. While the article concerns itself with “disgust factor” it must be noted what topics of disgust are involved. And it would be those of moral standards. I also believe the original article was written by a liberal.

And I agree it is this “disgust value” or, as Foxfier more aptly put it, standards, that separate conservatives from liberals. And that is why my corollary to Foxfier’s truth. Those who have high standards are indeed Conservatives. Those who have no standards are indeed Liberals. Them’s the facts.

And that is also why Conservatives have difficulty defeating Liberals in the public arena. It is the high standards of Conservatives which prevent them from using the same zero-standard tactics Liberals readily employ: lies, distortions, smear campaigns, unfounded lawsuits, and the list goes on.

The biggest difficulty I see with Conservative campaigns is in regards to the “I am not into politics” crowd, since a great plurality of the US population considers itself conservative. When mainstream media (the networks and the dead-tree media) and the education industry (K to PhD) votes roughly 90 percent Democrat and the “I don’t follow politics” crowd, well, don’t follow matters of national importance and don’t fact-check anything, it is difficult for those of principle to fight that and enlighten the average Joe or Jane as to the truth.

Conservatives who are in-the-know have a huge battle against inertia. Conservatives have to be orders of magnitude more strident than their standard-free counterparts to see any gain. But there is hope. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Rahm, Soros, et al have galvanized a large base of people. And that large base of people have formed the nucleii of Tea Party and 912 people. As the standard-free people push harder, the people who have standards but are lazy are waking up.

As Japan learned in the 1940s, it is dangerous to wake a sleeping giant. It is still possible, with effort, to bring the US back from the brink of liberal destruction. But it will take a grand effort and it will take a marathon mentality.

Are you ready for the struggle of the millenia?

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Lights Of The Season, Part VIII

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/19

Guitar Hero on a big stage!

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