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Happyfeet Made Me Remember A Word-Picture

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/16

Now, I’ve given a few word-pictures here, before. I’ve also noted some people can’t handle word-pictures. And I don’t care who I offend by this next statement: Those who can’t handle word-pictures are far too hyper-sensitive to see the the meaning behind the word-pictures.

Anyway, for those who I haven’t offended enough to leave this article alone (those who aren’t that hyper-sensitive), on with the word-picture.

A land-owner had a large tract of acreage that he decided to rent out. A farmer came along and asked if he could rent it out on a “percentage of profit” plan. The land-owner considered this plan to be worth considering, so he offered to let the farmer rent out the land. The farmer would pay the land-owner 20 percent of the sales price of the corn grown on the land. The farmer agreed. The land-owner and farmer signed the contract stating the farmer would grow corn on the land and the land-owner would not require any money except for the 20 percent stake in the gross sales.

As planting season approached, the farmer more and more thought he got a raw deal. So the farmer decided “I’ll show him! I’ll plant the entire acreage in thistle! He won’t get one thin dime out of me!” And that’s just what he did.

A couple weeks went by and the thistle started growing. And the farmer suddenly realized he wasn’t going to get any money at all out of all his expense. Not only did he violate the contract but he also deprived his family of the income out of the sale of the corn he was supposed to plant.

So, the farmer went back to the land-owner and begged forgiveness for his (the farmer’s) bad attitude and poor judgment in violating the contract. To his (the farmer’s) amazement, the landowner forgave him.

But the thistle still grew.

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Lights Of The Season, Part V

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/16

A special double-feature today. First we have a house in Kapolei Hawai’i, albeit amateur quality (so what).

Then we have the Polynesian Cultural Center Christmas Canoe Ride in Laie, on the famous North Shore of O’ahu.

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