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A Scientific Exercise

Posted by John Hitchcock on 2009/12/04

I have a list of essay questions I want you to answer for yourself. Using a minimum of one thousand words, with at least three expert citations, answer each of these questions:

1 ) What is the process for fossilization? Explain all aspects.
2 ) What is the process for petroleum creation? Explain all aspects.
3 ) What is the process for decomposition? Explain all aspects. Consider compost heaps in your answer.

Now, I don’t want you to actually post that spammage (unless you really want to) but I want you to really think and research your position on these topics. And it would be lovely if you actually took the time to write all that down so you could more readily visualize your answers.

Because here comes the big question:

4 ) Why does the decomposition process get short-circuited when the fossilization and petroleum-creation processes are involved?

My own short answer to #4 will come in a couple days or so.

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